7 Steps To Preparing And Cleaning An Electric Weed Eater

Preparing and cleaning an electric weed eater are two separate things that you need to before and after each and every single use in order to properly keep it clean, maintained and in tip, top shape. Preparing it is done before using it to make sure that it is ready to use for the job that you need to get done in your yard, whether you have a small yard or a large yard. And cleaning is more often than not done after you are done with eating the weeds. You clean it off and remove all of the debris so it is easier and faster to use next time and so you can store is easily without having to worry about it making a mess or anything else. Doing all of this and more also helps to make the electric weed whacker last longer, be more durable and a ton of other positive aspects such as keeping the nylon string as strong as it can be for as long as it can be. Clean string means a fiercer cut and keeping the lawn uniform is what makes for a beautiful and professionally looking groomed yard in the first place.

Preparing And Cleaning An Electric Weed Eater
Preparing And Cleaning An Electric Weed Eater

Cleaning the electric weed trimmer is a must for proper maintenance but you should never get the whole thing completely wet, this can result in some form of damage and being safe while using the piece of heavy equipment is highly recommended to do for all consumers. You do not want to hurt yourself, someone else or your machine. Keeping it properly prepared and cleaned will ensure that no rust gets on it and that it will last you a very long time, making your investment that much more worth it. Below are steps to perfectly cleaning it and other information that is needed for proper use of an electric weed eater.

Steps to Preparing and Cleaning an Electric Weed Eater

Step One

If you have a corded electric trimmer than you need to unplug it from the outlet when you go to clean it. If you have a cordless electric trimmer than be sure to remove the battery from the piece of equipment before cleaning. Also make sure that the switch for turning it on is in the ‘off’ position.

Step Two

Use a brush that has stiff bristles and go back and forth over the areas of the machine where there is debris found; normally at the head of the unit under the cover and near the nylon string. All the grass, weeds and dirt that there is all that needs to be removed.

Step Three

After brushing off what you can dip the same brush in some soapy water that is warm; doing this will give you more power behind each scrub to make sure that it is completely clean. Be sure to wipe off the handle as well as the deck of the electric weed whacker and when you are done cleaning it all off you need to dry it all.

Step Four

With every ten hours of use that you get out of the electric weed eater you need to remove the cover that is over the air filter and rinse the filter out with some warm water and soap and then let dry all of the way. Air-dry is the best method for the air filter. When it is completely dry you need to take some motor oil and coat the filter with it ever so slightly; squeeze the filter to get the excess oil out. Then put the air filter back into the compartment where it belongs.

Step Five

With each twenty-five hours of use you need to remove the spark arrestor and clean it with some carbon cleaner. A wire brush comes in handy with scrubbing this piece of the electric weed eater off and when you are done cleaning it simply but it back where it goes.

Step Six

Have a socket wrench nearby, use it to remove the spark plug and clean this entire section out. To do so properly you will need a little bit of brake cleaner. If the end of the spark plug is not black than you can reconnect it, if it is black you will need to replace the spark plug.

Step Seven

When you are done with all of the cleaning and going through all of the appropriate sections you needed to go through, based on the hours used at the end of the weed trimming session make sure everything is put back together just like it should be and then turn it on and let it run for a minute or two to see that everything is as good as new.

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