The Best Snow Blower Covers To Handle Rough Winter Weather

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This is our review of the best snow blower covers in 2022.

The lifespan of your snow thrower depends on how well you take care of it year-round. It is just as important to take care of your snow blower when you aren’t using it. I’ve spent hours researching the best ways to care for snow throwers properly, and I’ve come to this conclusion.

The best way to give your snow blower all-season protection is to buy a durable cover for it. It is the best way to protect the machine when you aren’t using it. However, you can’t just pick any old snow blower cover.

The cover you choose has to be one that won’t tear that will last year-round. Rain and snow can rust out even the best of snow throwers.

I know it seems cliché that a snow blower needs to be protected from moisture when it’s not being used. But it is the best way to get the best performance long-term.

That’s why I believe the best overall choice of heavy-duty snow blower covers is the Himal Snow Thrower Cover.

Top Snowblower Covers Compared

Best Overall: Himal Two Stage Snow Blower Thrower Cover
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Most Versatile Cover For All Models: Classic Accessories Cover Black
Lowest Price
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Most Stylish: Craftsman Two-Stage Blower Cover
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Great For Keeping Out Moisture: Classic Accessories StormPro
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Best Overall: Himal Two Stage Snow Blower – Thrower Cover

We like Best Overall: Himal Two Stage Snow Blower  Thrower Cover

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The Himal Snow Thrower Cover will give your two stage snow blower all the protection it needs. It’s made of heavy-duty polyester, which means it’s waterproof and contains UV protection.

You no longer have to worry about storing your two stage snow blower safely outside. It even has elastic ropes to secure it, ensuring you don’t lose it due to strong winds or other outdoor elements.

It is our best overall choice because it provides protection from outdoor elements and it’s lightweight. Most importantly, it comes with a one-year warranty. You can rest assured you have picked a snow blower cover you can trust.

It comes in two sizes fit for more giant snow blowers. The first size is 47” x 32” x 40 and 58” x 33” x 52”.

However, it might not be the best for individuals storing their snow blowers in their garage or specifically made snow thrower shed. There are many other great options available to provide your snow blower with the protection it needs long-term.

Most Versatile Cover For All Models: Classic Accessories Cover – Black

We like Most Versatile Cover For All Models: Classic Accessories Cover  Black

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The Classic Accessories Two-Stage Thrower Cover is a great cover that is easy to slip onto your snow thrower. It has a built-in bag making it easy to store when not in use. The weatherproof material will not shrink, stretch, or rip over time.

You no longer have to worry about storing your snow thrower outside. With this cover, it’s protected from birds, tree sap, sun, dust, rain, and even snow. You’ll love that it comes with an elastic shock cord in the bottom hem to secure the cover preventing harsh weather from shifting and removing it.

It comes available in sizes to fit single-stage snow and two-stage snow throwers.

Best For Tough Conditions: Tough Cover 600D

We like Best For Tough Conditions: Tough Cover 600D

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The 600D Heavy duty Marine Grade Fabric Snow Thrower Cover is a superb choice for individuals who value heavy duty protection. It’s made specifically for outside storage. It resists water, stains, hail, UV rays, rain, and snow.

This product really shines in keeping water on the outside. If you are near a lake or ocean, or deal with lots of heavy sticky snow it is a great choice. Don’t forget that it is also crack resistant. It will further protect your snow blower from outside elements.

A 18-month limited warranty backs the 600D Heavy Duty Breathable Oxford Cover. It also comes with a unconditional money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can contact the manufacturer for a full refund. It comes available in only one size (70” x 30 x 54). Some people remarked it is too big, but that’s easy to fix with a bungee cord for a smaller blower.

Most Stylish: Craftsman Two-Stage Blower Cover

We like Most Stylish: Craftsman Two-Stage Blower Cover

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The Craftsman Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower Cover is the best cover for those who value styling. The cover is solid black with red stitched seams and two sections of red at the top and bottom. It is a sharp-looking cover that sets trends and gets the job done. You won’t be embarrassed to have this cover on your blower out next to your house.

Style is not the only thing it offers. The strong fabric is water-resistant and repellent. It also comes with an elastic shock cord and elastic fitting on the bottom to provide a better fit. You’ll love that the cover fits most two-stage snow throwers. It measures in at 47 x 37 x 31.

Great For Keeping Out Moisture: Classic Accessories StormPro

We like Great For Keeping Out Moisture: Classic Accessories StormPro

Check price at

The Classic Accessories StormPro Waterproof Heavy-Duty Snow Thrower Cover is the best cover for those mainly concerned about keeping out moisture.

It comes with adjustable tension panels with click-close straps to give you a custom fit. The StormPro Cover fits most two-stage snow blowers thanks to this feature.

You’ll love that it comes with critically taped seams to prevent rain from seeping through the seams. Even some waterproof covers tend to have this problem. In the case of a snow blower, this is a minor problem that can cause a more significant issue down the road.

What To Look For When Buying A Snow Blower Cover

Buying Guide

Buying a snow thrower cover is not something everyone thinks about when purchasing a snow blower. Let’s face it. Our only concern is cleaning up our driveways in order to prevent falls and make it easier to get in and out when it’s safe to do so.

A snow blower makes the job easy without all the effort of manually shoveling snow. Snow blowers are not exactly the cheapest piece of equipment to buy. Therefore, it’s even more critical to protect the investment.

Snow blowers need to be covered when they are not in use to protect them as they are prone to damage from outside elements.

When selecting a cover for your snow blower, you’ll want to pay attention to its features, known problems, and use cases. These aspects of your machine will help you determine which cover will meet your needs.


Some features of snow blower covers are water-resistant fabric, elastic robes, and manageable weight, and warranty. Water-resistant materials increase the lifespan of your cover and snow blower.

The sturdy material doesn’t dry rot or stretch. It works to protect the snow blower from damage from the rain, snow, sun, and elements from the air.

Elastic Ropes

Elastic ropes let you tie down the snow thrower cover so that it never comes off of your machine. There is nothing worse than losing an excellent cover to a windstorm. It’s likely to happen if you don’t have a safe way to secure it.


The main reason we purchase snow blowers is to make our lives easier. Taking care of our snow blowers should be easy too. Lightweight covers are easy to carry and easy to store if you aren’t able to fold up the cover and put it in a nice carrying bag alone, then it’s too heavy.


Warranty is the cherry on top for any product that you buy. However, when it comes down to a snow thrower cover, the best brands offer you a guaranteed replacement in the case that something happens to your product.

Life happens, and snow covers can get ripped or even lost at no fault to anyone. When this occurs, it’s nice to know that you can contact the manufacturer and get a refund or a replacement.

It’s reassuring that they stand by their product which increases our trust in buying it.

Problems To Watch Out For

Snow blower covers made of thin material will allow dust to penetrate through, wreaking havoc on your device. That brings us to the next issue of water resistance. It is always best to purchase a water-resistant snow blower cover.

However, it is acceptable to settle for one less durable if you keep your machine indoors when not in use. Many issues that occur in snow blowers can be fixed by replacing minor parts. The frequency of these repairs can be significantly reduced with the help of a cover.

Use Cases

A snow thrower cover should be used whenever you aren’t using your device. There isn’t a time that you shouldn’t use it. If you care about making maintenance easy for yourself, the best thing to do is keep it covered when you aren’t using it.


  • Do they make covers for snow blowers?

o   Yes. Snow thrower covers are explicitly made for snow blowers. You should be able to find one based on the size and brand of your device.

  • Can I store my snow blower in my garage without a cover?

o   It is not recommended to store your snow thrower in your garage without a cover. Your garage will have lots of dust and is open to outside elements frequently. You want to protect it with waterproof material.

o   This still makes your snow blower susceptible to damage that could shorten your device’s lifespan and increase the number of repairs you will likely have.

  • What other options do I have for maintaining my snow blower?

o   Each year before you cover your snow thrower for the spring season, you should service it. Replace any parts needed. Hand wash and dry the machine, ensuring to clean away the salt and dirt from the winter.

o   You will still need a cover to protect it from the outside elements.

  • Can I store my snow blower outside?

o   You can store the blower outside. You must keep the snow thrower elevated from the ground and use a water-resistant cover to protect it from the elements of the outdoors.

  • Are all snow thrower covers created equal?

o   Great question! All snow thrower covers are not created equal. For example, not all covers are heavy duty in that they provide adequate water and dust resistance. Others don’t give the buyers a warranty.

o   It is vital to pick the best cover that will meet your needs. If you are storing your device outside, you will need a waterproof cover with ropes to secure it down.

  • Is it worth it to buy a snow blower storage shed?

o   The idea of buying a snow blower storage shed makes accessing your snow blower in the winter easy. If you are snowed in and can’t get out of your garage, you can access the blower by simply removing it from the nearby shed.

  • Should I cover my snow blower?

o   You should cover your snow blower whenever you are not using it but especially when you store it away for the spring and summer months. It will protect your device from the problems of rust and wear and tear caused by rain and dust.

  • How do you put on a snow blower cover?

o   Installing the cover is a straightforward process. Once you remove your cover from its packaging, find the tag that tells you which end goes over the front of the snow thrower. Then carefully drape the cover over the machine starting in the front.

o   Secure it in the back and level out the cover over the sides. Once the snow blower is covered, tie the straps to tighten the cover around the bottom to secure it.

o   Now you no longer have to worry about your snow blower suffering from outside elements.

Protection from the Elements

The best snow thrower cover is the one that protects your snow thrower from all the outdoor elements. It prevents moisture and sun damage and stays securely attached to the machine no matter how hard the wind is blowing.

The snow cover that gets the job done while not fading, cracking, or getting lost is the most ideal. What we like the most is a manufacturer’s confidence in their own product. Add the confidence that you can get a new heavy duty cover in the case of the unforeseen, and you’ve got the perfect snow blower cover.

Our Verdict

That’s why our verdict is that the best snow thrower cover is the Himal Snow Thrower Cover. Click here for more information on this cover. It will surely not disappoint. And if you are not happy with it for some reason, you can contact the manufacturer within 90 days for a refund. 

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