Commercial Lawn Mowers Vs. Home Mowers – What’s The Difference?

Differences Between Commercial and Home Lawn Mowers,commercial lawn mowers

The main difference between commercial and home lawn mowers is durability. Homeowners seldom use lawn mowers more than twice a month or about once a week in peak growing season. Commercial lawn mowers, however, are used for about 8 to 12 hours every day.

What if you have a large lawn or multiple properties? Can you use a home lawn mower for commercial needs? Which lawn mower is best suited for your property? In the article, we have listed the differences between commercial and home lawn mowers to help you make an informed decision.

Commercial Lawn Mower Differences

  • Regular Usage. Homeowners with large lawns of 2 acres, 5 acres or more, may benefit in considering a commercial lawn mower instead of a home lawn mower. It may also be the choice where owners use their lawn mowers often because they have multiple properties.
  • Small Spaces. Home lawn mowers work best on smaller properties with landscaping and gates that require maneuverability in small spaces. Smaller mowers fit through spaces larger mowers can’t.
  • Lawn Size. Commercial lawn mowers are built for heavier duty and to mow more considerable acreage of lawn with rougher terrain. The engines have higher horsepower and the decks are wider and taller. Some residential yards are small enough to use push lawn mowers, and some lawns are so small you can use a reel mower that doesn’t even have an engine.
  • Tall Grass. The cutting decks of commercial lawn mowers enable it to cut tall grass home lawn mowers can’t. Although essential for commercial usage, grass height on residential lawns seldom grows so tall that it requires a lawn mower with this feature.
  • Blade Speed. The higher blade speed of commercial lawn mowers ensures less clumping and increases productivity because it saves time.
  • Price Difference. Home lawn mowers cost a few hundred dollars whereas commercial lawn mowers prices are in the thousands. Price is influenced by the required durability, stronger engines, larger decks, and other features commercial mowers need that isn’t necessary for home lawn mowers.
  • 2-Cylinder Engines. 2-Cylinder engines in commercial mowers are stronger, with better displacement and more horsepower than home mowers. Reliable motors that start up easily for usage in various terrains are essential for commercial use.
  • Low Maintenance. Commercial lawn mowers may be pricier, but the high-quality parts require less maintenance than home mowers need. You might go through 3 to 10 home-level mowers with the amount of hours you can get out of a pro-grade cutter before running into issues.
  • Mulching and Collection. Although home lawn mowers may have mulching and grass collection systems, it’s not as sophisticated and complex as commercial mowers.
  • Rough and Hilly Terrain. Home lawn mowers aren’t built for hilly and rough terrain whereas commercial mowers will effortlessly mow difficult yardscapes at a faster pace than a home mower can.
  • Professional Look. If you desire a perfect lawn, then a commercial lawn mower could be the solution. It’s made to cut the lawn professionally. Your yard may look good after mowing it, but a commercial lawn mower may give it that extra touch.
  • Similar Warranties. Generally, warranties of both groups of lawn mowers are similar. It is, however, always best to make sure what the manufacturer’s warranty covers for the lawn mower.

Commercial lawn mowers may be expensive compared to home lawn mowers. The endurance level, low maintenance, and high-quality parts, however, saves time and increases productivity. Home lawn mowers may be cheaper but won’t last long for commercial purposes.

For the average residential property, a home lawn mower will suffice. For large residential lawns, tough terrains, and where daily mowing is needed, a commercial lawn mower may be the right choice.

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