How to Load Line on Your Trimmer and Tips for Starting

The weed eater is a very essential tool to have at your garden. If you do not want to hire anyone to do the mowing in your behalf and you want to be the one who handles the mowing of your garden, then you have to get yourself a weed eater.

Steps to Load Line on Your Trimmer

Step 1: You have to remove the spool where you put the wire on. To get it off, hold the outside so that it will not turn and then turn the inside counterclockwise. Set aside the bolt and pull off the spool. You will see a spring inside.

Step 2: Take the line you will be loading into your trimmer and measure at least three arm spans. This will usually measure about 18 feet, if you want to be really specific about the measurement. Take the two ends of the line and start putting them through the spool.

Step 3: In the spool, you will see that there are two small holes and one big hole. The big hole is for the spool’s attachment to the weed eater. The two small holes are the one you will be needing for loading the line of your weed eater. Put the two ends of the line through the two holes from the side of the spool that usually touches the ground, one end for one hole.

Step 4: Brace the spool and then pull the line through. You have to pull the two ends together so that they are of equal length once they are fully pulled through the two holes.

Step 5: Wound the trimmer line around the spool.  You will have to wind the line of the weed eater according to the arrow you see on your spool. If the arrow on the spool has already faded, then you just have to wound the spool on a counterclockwise if you have the ground side of the spool facing your left hand.

Step 6: Always remember to keep the tension as you wound the line around the spool. You might need to grab on the teeth of the spool as you go around just so you can keep the tension. If there is not enough tension as you wound the trimmer line around the spool, the line will not feed properly when you mow the lawn. Also, the two lines should be kept together as you wound them around the spool. If the two lines are spread apart, they will also not feed well into the weed eater.

Step 7: The teeth that you were grabbing on when you were wounding the line around the spool are actually for different gauge trimming line. Gauge is basically how big a certain trimming line is. You have to choose the right gauge for your trimming line.

Step 8: As you are about to reach the end of the line, stick the trimming line into their rightful gauge on both sides. The two ends of the trimming line should be sticking right up after you have done this step. Remember to leave a bit of length for the trimming line and not keep the line sticking out too short. Just imagine how much line you want sticking out of the weed eater. Also, one of the trimming line’s end will be longer than the other.

Step 9: You will now have to return the spool into the weed eater. The weed eater’s head have two holes as well where you will be threading through the two ends of the trimmer line. They are located on opposite ends. Take the long one and thread it first into the hole. Skewer the spring into its holder and hold the spool with your fingers so that you can thread the shorter line to the other hole.

Step 10: Push the spool inside. Just make sure that the spool is not stuck to the head, there should be a bit of space in between. Pull a bit on the line.

Step 11: Replace the bolts into the spool, this time in a clockwise direction.

Step 12: Check if the line is longer than the trimmer’s blades. If it is, then you have to cut it a bit shorter. Otherwise, the line will get stuck and you cannot do any mowing. And you’re done!

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