What’s the Best Way To Store A Weed Eater?

how to store string trimmer

When you are preparing to store a gas-powered weed whacker, you may find it takes a little more work than any other type of string trimmer.  That’s because we need to protect the fuel tank and fuel lines from being damaged over months of sitting around.

On a short-term basis, it’s acceptable to hang the weed whacker vertically by the handle or its engine in your tool shed, garage, or other secure storage space.  You can use a tool hanger made for the job.  

Make sure you remove any loose attachments.

So what about long-term options? How should you store your weed whacker in the winter? 

Long-Term Weed Eater Storage

Gas-powered tools such as weed eaters require some work to prep them for long-term storage. Gasoline breaks down after several months when not in use. 

Leaving gasoline in the gas tank in a gas-powered lawn tool for long periods can cause engine blockage and internal deterioration. For these reasons, you need to take the following steps when storing a weed whacker for several months.

Remove the Fuel

The first and most crucial step is to remove the leftover fuel in your weedeater.  You can do this by emptying the gasoline into an approved container, like the highly-rated No-Spill 1450 5-Galon Poly Gas Can, which is an affordable and safe option.

Clean the Carburetor

Additionally, your gas-powered string trimmer has within it a carburetor which will accumulate small amounts of gas as you use it. You should also remove this gasoline to prevent blockages and deterioration. 

To clear this gas, turn on your weed whacker after you’ve emptied the tank. Then, allow the remaining gas to burn away. This process safely removes the remainder of the fuel left in your tank, fuel filter and fuel lines .

Clean the Weed Eater

Lastly, ensure you thoroughly clean the entire machine. Proper Maintenance is essential to keeping your gas trimmer running smoothly. Check the trimmer head and the shaft for dirt or damage. If you have a bump feed, check to make sure it is working correctly. 

Remove the engine casing to get a look at the engine and other mechanical parts.  Brush them off if any grass clippings or other dirt has accumulated.

It’s a good idea to check the spark plugs and air filter at this time too.  Clean or replace them as needed.

If you plan to use your string trimmer periodically throughout the winter months, adding a little fuel stabilizer to the tank is vital to keep your gasoline fresh and usable.   You can also look at Ethanol-free fuel to buy yourself a little more time between uses.

Storing a Battery Powered Weed Eater

It may be obvious, but weed whacker batteries need to be handled with care, as with many battery-powered devices. 

The most important way you can care for your battery-powered string trimmer is to remove the battery before storage to prevent things like weather from decreasing the battery’s life span. 

Take a moment to read your owner’s manual to figure out how to remove the battery correctly. Most manufacturers recommend fully charging a battery before storage. 

Keep the battery out of your until you can use the weed whacker again.

Storing a Corded Electric Weed Eater

Corded electric weed eaters are perhaps the easiest power tool to store for more extended periods. We suggest that you store your corded weed eater by hanging it vertically by the handle or motor, with its cord wrapped around it. 

It is ok to put horizontally on a shelf as well – but it does take up a lot of space.  Either way, I like to keep the extension cord I use with my weed trimmer close by, so I don’t need to hunt it down when warmer weather returns.  It’s a good idea with all corded garden tools.

Take time to ensure that the space where you hang the corded electric trimmer is clear of moisture and away from direct sunlight.

Ways to Hang a Weed Eater

It is highly recommended never to store a weed eater on the floor.  The shaft and head can be damaged easily if stepped on.  

While it is acceptable for weed whackers to be stored horizontally or vertically, hanging it vertically by its handle engine is the best way to ensure proper storage of the device. I wouldn’t hang it by the trimmer head alone – this may bend a shaft.

If you do hang your weed eater horizontally, make sure the shelf is sturdy enough to hold the weight. If it is a gas-powered string trimmer, you also want to avoid having the cap to the fuel tank facing downwards. It’s best to prevent fuel leaks wherever possible.

Not sure how to properly hang your weed eater without taking up too much space? Let’s cover a few of the most effective and efficient solutions. 


Brackets and hooks are a convenient method for storing your weed whacker. It is easy to install quality store-bought brackets in your garage or tool shed, making them suitable for anyone who might not be handy with DIY projects. 

Brackets like these are designed to fit the shape of most weed eaters regardless if they have a straight shaft or a curved shaft.  If you’re looking for simplicity and ease of installation, brackets are the way to go.

Wooden Racks

Store-bought or customized wooden racks are another way to create storage space for your weed whacker. If you’re in the mood to build a little something, procure a piece of plywood and create indents to hang your weed eater. 

If you’re not that much of a handy person, visit your local hardware store to look for premade storage shelving and hang them wherever you like.

A good place to keep your weed eater safe is in an insulated garage, where it’ll be safe from the elements.  

Final Thoughts

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping weed wackers clean before putting them in storage. When it comes to a corded electric weed eater, storage prep is the easiest – just follow the recommendation to hang your device vertically with the engine up. For a battery-powered string trimmer, remove the battery before storing away. 

Storing a gas-powered weed whacker for the winter months is the most intricate in terms of time and labor. However, taking the time to store it the right way can prevent issues in the future. You don’t want to struggle with your string trimmer in the spring because you failed to keep it properly in the winter. 

In the end, the best way to store a weed eater depends on how your device is powered, but cleanliness is critical no matter what. Have more questions? Ask away in the comments!

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