Best Black and Decker Leaf Blowers For 2019 and Beyond

Leaves under tree on side of road

It’s almost that time of year again when the weather begins to change, and our lawns suddenly become covered in leaves. If you’re tired of wasting your time raking and bagging, then a leaf blower is the best way to go. However, finding the right model for you isn’t always as easy as it seems. […]

Preparing for Fall with DeWalt Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

Autumn Leaves on Ground

Summer is in full swing, which means that Autumn is right around the corner. There’s a reason why it’s referred to as the “fall” and as you know, those leaves aren’t going to pick themselves up. If you’re looking for the best DeWalt Leaf Blowers and Vacuums to get the job done, you may be […]

How To Care For Your Leaf Blower Batteries

Leaf vacuum battery care

Battery-powered leaf blowers are really convenient – they are lightweight and start the first time, every time.  That assumes you haven’t been hard on the batteries.  Without the power contained within the rechargeable lithium-ion cells, nothing will get done.  Considering the cost of leaf blower batteries, it makes sense to take steps to keep them […]