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Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a hurry, and your car doesn’t want to start? Or you’re ready for a fun joy ride on your quadbike or motorbike, and you’re going nowhere because the battery is dead? Those who had this kind of experience may agree on how convenient and essential it is to have a car battery tester at home.

Even the most basic car battery tester may help you avoid a disastrous morning of being late for an urgent appointment. We’ve compiled a list of the best battery testers that are easy to use and have various features.

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The Best Car Battery Tester Rundown

If you have more than one type of vehicle in your driveway, then the Schumacher BT-100 AMP Battery Load Tester is an excellent versatile car battery tester at an awesome price. The car battery tester can test your car’s battery, batteries of motorcycles, RVs, light trucks, all-terrain vehicles, the boat, and even the lawn tractor. It has a high amperage load of 100 AMP to test 12V batteries and a 50 AMP load for a 6V battery.

Vehicle owners who live in cold climates know how important it is that the battery cranks up immediately in cold temperatures. You will be happy to see that it tests batteries up to 1000 CCA.

Even novices may find the Schumacher car battery tester easy to use. Effortlessly operate the battery tester with the top-mounted rocker switch. Battery clamps are color-coded to ensure you connect the leads correctly to the battery. The pointing arrow moves across the meter for easy reading and understanding of the data.

It is a safe, shock-resistant device to use. The super grip clamps won’t slip off the terminals during the testing. The shock-resistant meter is housed in a sturdy baked enamel steel case with ventilated holes to keep it cool. A rubber insulated carry handle ensures further safety for the operator protecting the user against accidentally being shocked.

The car battery tester is user-friendly with powerful testing features. It does more than load testing; it checks the condition of the battery, the start motor draw, and gives a complete charging system diagnosis.

It is one of the best car battery testers in versatility, multi-functional, and ease of use.

What We Like:

  • The high amperage load makes it versatile in testing different batteries types of cars, motorcycles, boats, to lawn tractors.

  • For people living in cold climates, it checks batteries up to 1000 CCA.

  • The analog meter, with its pointing arrow, is easy to read.

  • It is a multi-functional battery tester that checks the battery load to a complete system charging check. 

  • The pointing arrow and meter are easy to read and to interpret the results.

Areas of Concern:

  • In some vehicles, the short cables could cause difficulty in reaching the battery.

  • The analog meter is easy to read but doesn’t give the most accurate readings.

Best Overall Choice:

Key Features:

Tests batteries up to 1000 CCA

50 Amp load test for 6V and 100 Amp load test for 12V batteries

Tests batteries in cars, motorcycles, light trucks, RVs, boats, lawn tractors and ATVs

Test load, starter motor draw, battery status, complete charging system diagnosis

Easy-to-read meter enclosed in a shock-resistant casing

Top-mounted switch for effortless operation

Super-grip colored-coded battery clamps

Rubber insulated carry handle

If you have different types of batteries to test, then the Clore Automotive SOLAR BA9 Digital Car Battery Tester is one of the best car battery testers to pick. The automotive battery tester is optimized to test four different types of battery technologies: Conventional Flooded Acid, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral Wound, and the Gel Cell Batteries.  

In addition to testing different battery types, the digital battery tester also has a comprehensive testing range from 40 cold-cranking amps to 1200 CCA. By entering the battery’s CCA rating into the digital battery tester, the conductive test will give you a reading showing you the actual CCA of the battery. Its voltage range varies from discharged batteries at 7 volts to charged batteries at 15 volts.  

The handy pocket-sized car battery tester fits in your toolbox and sits snugly in the palm of your hand. Its rubberized texture offers a good grip without it slipping out of a person’s hands. Even people with small hands will find it convenient to use. Despite its size, the LCD screen is large for the best reading results. It provides optimal digital display whether you are in a dark garage or the sunlight outside, you’ll be able to read the testing results.   

With built-in safety features, users may feel safe during battery testing procedures. The reverse polarity and over-voltage protection make the Clore Automotive BA9 a safe battery checker.

What We Like:

  • The digital battery tester is pocket-size, which means it fits in the toolbox, in the palm of your hand, and is comfortable even for small hands.

  • It is compatible with four different battery types from the standard flooded acid batteries to gel cell batteries.

  • The large LCD screen displays the results for comfortable reading outside in the sun or inside a dark garage.  

  • The wide operating range allows for testing discharged batteries at 7 volts to charged batteries at 15 volts. 

Areas of Concern:

  • The digital battery tester manual doesn’t contain all the necessary information a user may require.

Best Value-Priced Pick:

Key Features:

Compact pocket size digital battery tester

Compatible with four battery types: Conventional Flooded Acid, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral Wound, and the Gel Cell Batteries

A large 4-digit LCD screen for best reading results in dark or sunlight areas

Wide operating range, from 7-15V

The Cartman Car Battery and Alternator Tester is the best battery tester for necessary testing and alternator charging at an affordable budget price. The LED display indicates the condition of the battery.

Before charging the battery, the LED display shows with a simple OK green light if the battery is alive and can be charged. If the LED light is off, it means the battery voltage is out of range and that the battery has possibly died. A steady lit light indicates a battery in good condition. The simplicity of the LED display screen indicates low, medium, and highly charged state of the battery.  

You can also use the battery tester to check the state of the alternator. The vehicle engine is turned off during battery testing but turned on when testing the alternator. Accelerate the vehicle engine to 2000 rpm to check the alternator. The green light with the word Good lights up if the alternator is in a healthy state, and the red light with the word Fault lights up when the voltage is below the normal range.

When charging the battery, the low, middle, or full lights are lit to indicate the charged state of the battery.

The low price makes it an affordable battery tester to keep handy in your motor vehicle.

What We Like:

  • A simplistic low to high indicator shows the charged state of the battery. When the LED light is off, it could mean that the battery is dead.
  • Test batteries of 12V indicating the percentage charging in the battery.
  • Test results also indicate the state of the alternator and display overload.
  • An affordable price for a basic battery condition check.

Areas of Concern:

  • The digital battery tester manual doesn’t contain all the necessary information a user may require.

Best Affordable Car Battery Tester:

Key Features:

LED display indicates the battery charged condition

Test 12-volt car batteries only

Check battery condition before the charge, check battery status, alternator state check, and overload display

If you’re looking for a comprehensive car battery tester with accurate results, that’s worth the price; the Foxwell BT705 Automotive Battery Analyzer is an excellent battery tester. It is a premium car battery tester that small garage and independent repairers also use for analyzing car batteries and battery-related system issues. Its ergonomic design and ease of use make it perfect for private owners who prefer testing batteries at home than taking the car to the mechanic shop each time.

It tests 12 volts and 24 volts charging systems, which means you can test batteries of passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks. Expect accurate readings for multiple battery types from regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral to gel batteries. The ability to test various types of batteries helps owners who have older cars and more modern technology vehicles in their driveway.

A 7.8 feet battery tester cable with metal alligator clips means you don’t have to remove the battery for load battery testing or start testing; you can sit inside your car instead of standing outside in the cold. You have the option to view the results on the large backlight LCD or to print the data via a Bluetooth printer.

The vehicle battery analysis shows in what condition the battery is, whether it has a good recharge but low current, whether the battery cells are damaged, or whether the battery is dead. The Foxwell car battery tester analyzes the cranking voltage, aging status of the battery, and includes a charging system test, which helps with analyzing the overall health of the battery.

All-metal spray gold clamps are designed for safety. It is spark-proof and provides short circuit protection to ensure the safety of the user and avoid unnecessary damage to the battery tester.

The Foxwell BT704 is one of the best battery testers for professional use and private vehicle owners.

What We Like:

  • The cable is long enough for testing the car battery from inside the comfort of your vehicle.

  • The automotive battery tester has multifunctional applications testing batteries in cars and heavy-duty trucks, with various types of batteries, and multiple rating systems.

  • The design of the Foxwell device is for ease of use, that is safe for the operator and the device.

Areas of Concern:

  • There are cheaper options to test batteries, but those battery testers don’t have all the features the Foxwell BT705 has.

Premium Price Pick:

Tests batteries of passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks

Tests multiple battery types: regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, and gel batteries.

Test multiple rating systems: CCA, CA, BCI, DIN, MCA, JIS, GB, IEC, SAE, and EN

Long 7.8 feet cable for running battery tests from the car.

The Motorpower MP0514A Digital Battery Tester checks rest batteries from 4-volt up to 20 volts, which means it gives you a quick reading of the status of the battery. If your car doesn’t start, connect the digital battery tester. The battery status on the left side of the battery tester indicates whether your battery is dead and needs replacement or if it will jump-start.

Readings are accurate and shown on the LED display with four digits giving you an accurate reading at 0.01 volt. When your vehicle engine is running, the battery tester shows the battery and alternator condition too.

It is a universal battery checker that indicates the condition of any 12-volt car battery, which means you don’t have to replace the battery tester when you purchase a new vehicle model.   

The ergonomic design allows for a compact shape that is comfortable to hold even for long periods. It is lightweight, and the rubber paint housing gives a steady grip, which makes it easy to use; you can focus on the battery test results without worrying about losing your grip.

The 30 Amp alligator clamps are marked to ensure safe connections to the battery terminals without causing injures to the operator or the device. The extension cable is 20 inches in length, which could be too short if battery terminals are set far apart. Two other safety features are the reverse hookup and the over-voltage protection feature.

What We Like:

  • The four-character display gives accurate readings at 0.01 volt.

  • Testing batteries from 4 volts to 20 volts means it helps to indicate if a battery has died or can be jump-started.

  • As a universal battery checker, it works with any 12V car battery.

Areas of Concern:

  • Cables may be too short if battery terminals are far apart.

Best Universal Battery Tester:

Key Features:

Accurate reading at 0.01 volt on the display

Universal battery tester for any 12-Volt car battery

Test batteries from 4-20V

Rubber painted body that is easy to use and grip

30 Amp Alligator clamps with 20-inch extension cable

The Ancel BA1010 Load Battery Tester is one of the top battery testers for accurate results when testing the battery, the cranking condition of the start, and the charging state of the alternator. It also gives exact CCA readings gauging between 100-2000 CCA, a more extensive test range than most battery testers. The vehicle charging system test displays results for the load voltage, unloaded voltage, ripple status, and the charging system status.

Review data on the large LCD with a white backlight or print the data by connecting the battery tester to the computer. The information transfers to the software printing the latest results. A user-friendly menu is easy to use and gives instructions when you should start the vehicle, rev the engine, or shut it off for testing.  

A three feet long cable is long enough to connect to battery terminals that are set wide apart. The thick flexible insulator the cable is made of ensures protection for the user and the battery tester.

It is a great battery load tester for people who prefers maintaining their vehicles instead of taking it to the mechanic for testing. The battery tester with its compact design fits snugly in the glove box or a toolbox. 

What We Like:

  • The broad testing range gauges between 100-2000 CCA, which is more than the average battery tester provides. The readings are also exact.

  • A large LCD screen with easy to follow the menu prompts makes it easy to use and review the data or print the latest data.

    It is a 3-in-1 battery tester that tests the battery’s condition, the cranking condition of the starter, and the alternator’s condition.

  • The three feet long cable is a good length for battery terminals set wide apart.

Areas of Concern:

  • It doesn’t support testing motorcycle batteries.

Best Automotive Battery Tester:

Key Features:

Extensive testing ranges between 100-2000 CCA

Print the results or view on the large LCD screen

Tests the battery, the alternator charging, and cranking conditions of the starter

Two-year warranty

Three feet cable with flexible insulator

The 4 ½ inch Amprobe BAT-250 load battery tester is compact in size and ideal for testing small batteries. It’s easy to use, and you can hold the ergonomically designed product in one hand to test batteries of different sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V button type, and 9V batteries. 

The Amprobe is the best battery tester to show the amount of charge left in a standard or rechargeable battery. An analog needle moves on the color-coded display with necessary but useful calibrations. Green means the battery is good, yellow means low, and red means the battery requires recharging or replacement.  

A side cradle securely holds the battery in place during the testing. The high-quality 9V contacts ensure straightforward testing with error-free results.

What We Like:

  • The ergonomic, compact design is easy to use with only one hand.

  • It can be used to indicate the battery condition of a variety of batteries: AA, AAA, C, D, ranging from 1.5-9V.

  • The easy to read display is color-coded for quick reading.

Areas of Concern:

  • It cannot test 12V car batteries.

Best Battery Tester for Small Batteries:

Test batteries from AAA to D range

The test range is 1.5V to 9V

Easy to use with one hand


Does the same tester work on all types of batteries?

If it is a universal car battery tester, then it does operate on all types of car batteries. Many of the best car battery testers can test a variety of types of batteries, but check first because not all battery testers are necessarily compatible.  

Some of these will work on “regular”, around-the-house batteries as well.  Check the product description to make sure it meets your needs.

What safety steps should I take when testing my battery?

  • Read the car battery tester manual, especially the safety measures section.
  • Turn off the vehicle’s ignition BEFORE you start, even before you remove the covers over the terminals.
  • Connect both leads to the battery before turning on the charger.
  • Make sure you connect the positive lead of the battery tester to the positive terminal of the battery and negative to negative. You could damage the battery and the charger if you switch the connections.

What exactly IS a car battery tester?

Car battery testers are electronic devices that check the status of the electric battery in vehicles. It is a fast and affordable method to test the status of your battery. The alternative is for a car electrician to check the battery; your car’s electronic system can’t monitor and diagnose the state of the battery.

It may be a simple battery tester that shows the charge rate of the battery, or it may be more sophisticated testing and diagnosing the complete charging system.  

Are battery testers accurate?

The accuracy of an automotive battery tester is easily indicated in the way the readings shown on the screen. Analog meters are easy to read; it merely indicates color-coded good or bad readings with an arrow, but not necessarily the best quality product for accurate readings. It isn’t as accurate as a product like the Motorpower BAT-250 digital battery tester that indicates readings at 0.01V.

The best car battery tester depends on what your needs are. If you want a primary product that you can use to test if the battery is fully charged or not, then an analog meter will give you the battery status quickly. If you are looking for high-quality technology, then the best battery tester for your need will be one that has a digital display.  

How do electronic battery testers work?

A traditional load battery tester requires the battery to be charged at 75% to give a reading. The electronic battery load tester is compact to hold in your hand and doesn’t require much amperage for testing purposes. An electronic battery tester applies a small amp load to the battery when testing it, which means it doesn’t need a fully charged battery for testing purposes.

An electronic battery load tester connects a lead between the battery tester and the battery to measure the current released from the battery. A healthy, fully charged car battery operates at about 12.6V or more; it increases to 13.7-14.7 volts when the engine is running.

Some of the best car battery testers also do conductance testing. It doesn’t drain the battery and can test a battery that is low or discharged without removing the battery from the vehicle.

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