Want A Healthy Lawn? Water It Right

Most homeowners know grass takes upkeep and maintenance.  We need to cut it, weed it, and give it nutrients.  But watering the lawn – and if you do it the correct way – is more important to a green canopy than anything we just mentioned. Lawns stay healthier with deep watering done on an infrequent […]

Avoiding The Danger Ahead: Driving Tips For Snowy Conditions

Winter driving can be a scary experience, especially when you are forced to go out in a snowstorm.   While there’s nothing that beats experience in winter driving, there are things you can learn on your own to help prepare BEFORE the bad weather begins.  Being prepared you might spare a life – your own or […]

What’s The Best Snow Blower For Your Driveway?

Best Snow Blowers For 2019

Remember When YOU Were The Blower? When I was a kid, one of the things I dreaded most about winter was the 5am wake-up call on days when it snowed. You see, as a teen I was my family’s snowblower. Shovel in hand, I dutifully (if not willingly) attacked the snow.  If it was a […]

How To Care For Your Leaf Blower Batteries

Leaf vacuum battery care

Battery-powered leaf blowers are really convenient – they are lightweight and start the first time, every time.  That assumes you haven’t been hard on the batteries.  Without the power contained within the rechargeable lithium-ion cells, nothing will get done.  Considering the cost of leaf blower batteries, it makes sense to take steps to keep them […]

7 Crucial Tips to Consider For Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Container gardening has significantly improved food security in the modern society. It is among the most recent trends used by many gardeners with minimal space or living in areas with limited space like the cities. Container gardening has grown rapidly in the recent past and has successfully worked for many families who currently produce their […]

Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Garden Tiller

Best Garden Tiller Reviews

One of my favorite memories from backyard gardening is the smell of freshly-tilled soil.  It conjures up memories of last-year’s harvest, when the flowers bloomed or the vegetables were ripe on the vine. But getting the soil ready is a lot of hard work – especially if you try to do it by hand.  That’s […]

How to Use a Weed Eater

Every homeowner wants to have beautifully landscaped lawns, gardens, and yards. As you know, this beauty doesn’t happen by itself- it takes work and dedication. One job that pays off in spades is trimming the weeds.   Weeds are scrapy plants which makes them tough to eradicate.  They tend to pop up in the most annoying […]