The Best Pressure Washer Reviews – Electric and Gas Power Washers!

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Summer is a wonderful season, but warm weather can bring with it quite a bit of mess.  If it’s not Mother Nature or birds – it’s the man-made mess that comes from a spilled drink on the patio. Regardless of the cause,  a good pressure washer comes in handy when you need to quickly take […]

Best Power Washer Soap for All Occasions

power washer soaps compared

Pressure washers are powerful tools for cleaning, but sometimes they need some help in loosening dirt and grime.  That’s when pressure washer soap comes into the picture. The mixture of water and soap cleanses faster and better than using only water in the pressure washer. You use soap to wash dishes and to wash clothes, […]

How To Use A Pressure Washer With Soap And Detergent

Use a power washer with soap

While a power washer can be used to directly wash off dirty items around your home, sometimes the blasting power isn’t enough to get rid of the dirt on it’s own. That’s when it’s time to use your pressure washer with soap.  You might not have even known this is possible, but it’s one of […]

Is Pressure Washing Brick Safe?

Yes, you can power wash a brick house if you do it correctly. Use a low enough pressure to just do the job – AND NO MORE.  Power washing can transform your brick home from a dull brown to the beautiful red brick again. Sometimes the sheer power of the pressure washer without any soap […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pressure Washer Rental

Renting a pressure washer to clean old stains on the deck or deep clean the concrete, can be a better option than purchasing the outdoor tool for a one-time project. Buying a power washer for lighter tasks like washing cars, trucks, or cleaning the backyard grill or outdoor furniture seems like it makes sense. These […]

What Is A Dry Ice Power Washer?

why use dry ice powerwsher?

If you were looking for an environment-friendly, cost-effective alternative to sandblasting for a job a pressure washer can’t handle, then a dry ice power washer may be the solution. Dry ice power washing is a form of media pressure blasting like a sandblaster, soda blaster or pebble blaster. Instead of using plastic or sand as […]

Pressure Washer Nozzle Colors Explained in Plain English

Both electric and gas washers are potent cleaners. Choosing the right pressure washer attachment for the job is essential to get the cleaning power you desire. Luckily, the industry has made it pretty easy for you. You select the right color to match the best pressure you need for your situation. The spray nozzle tips […]

How Do You Winterize Your Pressure Washer?

Winterize Pressure Washer

The chill of late autumn is in the air, and with it the promise of shorter days and colder nights.  This also means it’s time to winterize our backyard tools, such as the power washer.  This article will lay out the steps you need to take in order to properly winterize your gas or electric […]

How To Start A Gas or Electric Pressure Washer

  Although the basic procedure to start a new power washer is the same in most models, it’s always advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions. The startup process for gas pressure washers and electric power washers differ slightly. All power washers should stand on a level surface before started. Neither the electric nor the gas […]

How Do You Remove Paint From A Deck With A Pressure Washer?

Remove paint from a wood deck

Before you can give your deck a fresh look with a new coat of paint, you need to get rid of the old. Removing peeling paint is a tedious job. Using a top pressure washer model can save you time and effort. Choose the Right Pressure Washer To strip the paint, you will need the […]