Is Pressure Washing Brick Safe?

Yes, you can power wash a brick house if you do it correctly. Use a low enough pressure to just do the job – AND NO MORE.  Power washing can transform your brick home from a dull brown to the beautiful red brick again. Sometimes the sheer power of the pressure washer without any soap […]

What Is A Dry Ice Power Washer?

why use dry ice powerwsher?

If you were looking for an environment-friendly, cost-effective alternative to sandblasting for a job a pressure washer can’t handle, then a dry ice power washer may be the solution. Dry ice power washing is a form of media pressure blasting like a sandblaster, soda blaster or pebble blaster. Instead of using plastic or sand as […]

Everything You Need To Know About Pressure Washer Rental

Renting a pressure washer to clean old stains on the deck or deep clean the concrete, can be a better option than purchasing the outdoor tool for a one-time project. Buying a power washer for lighter tasks like washing cars, trucks, or cleaning the backyard grill or outdoor furniture seems like it makes sense. These […]

Best Power Washer Soap for All Occasions

power washer soaps compared

Pressure washers are powerful tools for cleaning, but sometimes they need some help in loosening dirt and grime.  That’s when pressure washer soap comes into the picture. The mixture of water and soap cleanses faster and better than using only water in the pressure washer. You use soap to wash dishes and to wash clothes, […]

Pressure Washer Nozzle Colors Explained in Plain English

Both electric and gas washers are potent cleaners. Choosing the right pressure washer attachment for the job is essential to get the cleaning power you desire. Luckily, the industry has made it pretty easy for you. You select the right color to match the best pressure you need for your situation. The spray nozzle tips […]

How To Easily and Safely Clean Your Gutters With A Powerwasher

Clean Your Gutters With A Powerwasher

Fall is just around the corner. Tulip Poplars and Cherry trees are already shedding their leaves, straight into your gutters. When the rainy season starts, you want them to be clear and running properly. But, if you’re tired of clearing your gutters by hand, rooting in the muck and debris, or if you’re just looking […]

Can You Remove Snow with a Power Washer?

Can you move snow with a pressure washer?

You can remove snow using a power washer as long as you are mindful of cold weather conditions. Taking the right steps to protect your power washer, as well as yourself, from the cold conditions is critically important. You want to maintain the condition of your machine and keep from getting hypothermia by spraying water […]

The Best Pressure Washer Reviews – Electric and Gas Power Washers!

best power washers

Summer is a wonderful season, but warm weather can bring with it quite a bit of mess.  If it’s not Mother Nature or birds – it’s the man-made mess that comes from a spilled drink on the patio. Regardless of the cause,  a good pressure washer comes in handy when you need to quickly take […]

How To Safely Power Wash Vinyl Siding

safely power wash vinyl siding

We’ve all been there – after a long hot summer the siding on our house can look like it’s never been washed off.  Bird “bombs”, pollution, sap and other messes can take their toll on your vinyl siding.  But to tackle such a large job, you’re going to need mechanical help. That’s where a power […]

How To Repair A Pressure Washer Hose

How To Repair A Pressure Washer Hose

If you own a pressure washer long enough, you are eventually going to experience a leak in the hose.  Sometimes it comes from touching the exhaust on a gas-powered washer with the hose.  Other times it’s just old age, or bad luck. A leak in a pressure washer hose can’t be fixed the way you […]