How To Clean A Dryer Vent With A Leaf Blower

Dryer Vent Leaf Blower

If your clothes are taking too long to dry or there’s a burning smell coming from the dryer, the dryer vent could be clogged. Air can’t flow freely, and the dryer needs to work harder which causes extra heat buildup. When you touch the dryer, the outside shell is hot during a working cycle. The […]

How To Easily and Safely Clean Your Gutters With A Powerwasher

Clean Your Gutters With A Powerwasher

Fall is just around the corner. Tulip Poplars and Cherry trees are already shedding their leaves, straight into your gutters. When the rainy season starts, you want them to be clear and running properly. But, if you’re tired of clearing your gutters by hand, rooting in the muck and debris, or if you’re just looking […]

To Bag, Mulch Or Burn- That Is The Question

Bag Mulch Or Burn Your Leaves

In my part of the world, autumn is a time for nature to display her beauty in all it’s glory.  Most of the color comes from the leaves on the trees as they turn color and eventually fall gently down to Earth. Once on my lawn, they no longer are so beautiful.  They become a […]

Can You Remove Snow with a Power Washer?

Can you move snow with a pressure washer?

You can remove snow using a power washer as long as you are mindful of cold weather conditions. Taking the right steps to protect your power washer, as well as yourself, from the cold conditions is critically important. You want to maintain the condition of your machine and keep from getting hypothermia by spraying water […]

What To Look For When Buying A Manual Lawn Edger

what to look for when buying a lawn edger

Did you use your string trimmer to try and manually edge the lawn? Were you happy with the result or didn’t turn out so well? There’s always a difference if you use the right tool for the job. For a clean and tidy border, the edging tool would give probably give the better results. A […]

How To Safely Power Wash Vinyl Siding

safely power wash vinyl siding

We’ve all been there – after a long hot summer the siding on our house can look like it’s never been washed off.  Bird “bombs”, pollution, sap and other messes can take their toll on your vinyl siding.  But to tackle such a large job, you’re going to need mechanical help. That’s where a power […]

How To Repair A Pressure Washer Hose

How To Repair A Pressure Washer Hose

If you own a pressure washer long enough, you are eventually going to experience a leak in the hose.  Sometimes it comes from touching the exhaust on a gas-powered washer with the hose.  Other times it’s just old age, or bad luck. A leak in a pressure washer hose can’t be fixed the way you […]

How Does A Pressure Washer Work?

How Does A Pressure Washer Work

They are really handy to have when you need to clean off your house, boat, car or other large item.  I’m talking about the lowly pressure washer.  Did you ever stop to think how exactly this ubiquitous household tool actually works? A pressure washer is essentially a water pump powered by a gas or electric […]

How Do You Remove Paint From A Deck With A Pressure Washer?

Remove paint from a wood deck

Before you can give your deck a fresh look with a new coat of paint, you need to get rid of the old. Removing peeling paint is a tedious job. Using a top pressure washer model can save you time and effort. Choose the Right Pressure Washer To strip the paint, you will need the […]

How To Start A Gas or Electric Pressure Washer

  Although the basic procedure to start a new power washer is the same in most models, it’s always advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions. The startup process for gas pressure washers and electric power washers differ slightly. All power washers should stand on a level surface before started. Neither the electric nor the gas […]