How to Clean a 2-Cycle Weed Eater Carburetor

Clean A 2 Cycle Gas Carb Weedeater

Things break.  It’s a fact of life, and even if you care for your equipment – EVENTUALLY – your weed eater carburetor will get gunked up. While buying a new carburetor might be an easy solution, but that will cost you money.  Sometimes it’ll cost more than buying a new gas string trimmer.  If you […]

Best Gas Powered Weed Eater Reviews – An Ultimate Guide

Gas Powered Weed Eaters

When it comes to pure power, there is still nothing that can really compare to a gas powered weed eater. Most lawn care professionals prefer gas powered for their jobs due to the sheer power and performance that you get in a convenient package. The downside to gas power is needing to mess with gas […]

The Best Battery Powered Weed Eater To Buy in 2020 – Reviewed

It’s amazing how far battery powered weed eaters have come in a short few years. No longer considered a toy, these tools are a great choice for homeowners that are looking for a good mix of convenience, ease-of-use and reasonable power.  Advances in lithium-ion battery technology have been pushed primarily by electric car manufacturers, but […]

6 Easy Steps To Repair A Gas Line On A Weed Eater

Replace Fuel Line On Weed Eater

As weed eaters get older (like people- as I’m finding out) – they begin to run into maintenance issues. Various parts become brittle and wear out. Much like humans, that doesn’t mean you need to throw them away and get a new one! It’s a relatively simple job to replace the fuel lines on a […]

Best Worx Weed Eaters on the Market Reviewed

Worx Weed Eater REviews

Worx is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the power tool business.  This includes their line of string trimmers and other outdoor products.  A pioneer in gardening tools and equipment, they have become known as one of the most reliable and durable manufacturers . It’s why they are able to offer a […]

Best Toro Electric Weed Eater Reviews

Toro Logo

Toro is a top brand in the world of weed eaters. Over the years, the company has dedicated itself in producing high quality weed eaters that have really revolutionized the way we eliminate weeds in our homes and gardens. Its boasts of a long line of models, particularly in the category of electric weed eaters. […]

Top Rated GreenWorks Weed Eater Reviews


GreenWorks has long been a top supplier of power tools and home maintenance supplies. They produce a wide range of useful and quality products ranging from hand tools, yard care tools and power tools. Their line of reliable items are known for their high quality at an affordable price making them ideal for most homeowners. […]

Top 5 Earthwise Electric Weed Eater Reviews

Earthwise is a leading company specializing in innovative lawn tools that are environmentally friendly and cost effective all while maintaining a high quality product. For several years Earthwise has offered their customers all the best features in their lawn tools, while integrating the newest technology for keeping the planet healthy. Earthwise tools are both lightweight […]

The 5 Best BLACK+DECKER Weed Eaters On The Market Today

Black and Decker

BLACK+DECKER has long been a leading manufacturer and supplier of power tools. Customers know when they buy a BLACK+DECKER brand product, they are getting quality at an affordable price. The BLACK+DECKER line of electric weed eaters are some of their best selling products. Those who purchase this brand, expect an effective, reliable product for all their […]