Great Choice For: Paved Driveways and Sidewalks With 10 Inches of Snow

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Overall Score: 9.7 out of 10

What We Like:

  • The single-stage snow blower competes in power with a gas snow blower without the maintenance issues.
  • The long battery run time and short battery recharging outsmart most cordless snow blowers with short battery run time and hours of recharging.
  • The 17-inch auger moves a foot of snow clearing a 21-inch path.
  • The directional chute control lever and squeeze grip height adjustment easily and immediately adjust the chute direction.
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Compared To Other Snowblowers We Reviewed:

When you’re looking for the ultimate snow blower that’s as close to perfect as you can get, then the EGO SNT2102 snow blower is an excellent pick. It’s a single-stage snow blower with two 5 Ah lithium-ion batteries that competes with the power of gas snow blowers. But it’s environment-friendly with a low noise level, no fumes or gas. No electric cords either that limit the working distance or gets in the way while snow blowing.

A negative attribute of most cordless snow blowers is the short battery run time and long recharging time. The EGO SNT2102, however, is different! The EGO POWER + Snow Blower Kit contains two 56 Volt 5 Amp ARC lithium-ion batteries and a rapid charger. The batteries have a run time of about 45 minutes and the same recharging time. It should be sufficient for clearing snow on your driveway and sidewalk.

The Peak Power technology combines two EGO Power+ batteries when clearing snow. The batteries are interchangeable with all EGO POWER plus equipment which means the same batteries work on your summer garden machines too. If you already have a set of batteries, then you can purchase the EGO SNT2100 single-stage snow blower without the batteries and rapid charger. Alternatively, buy the snow blower with a set of 2 5Ah batteries or the EGO SNT2103 that includes two 7.5 Ah EGO Power+ batteries and the rapid charger. Note it charges one battery at a time, but the dual charger is an optional purchase.

With an intake height of 13 inches, the snow blower will clear up to a foot of snow on the paved driveway, and the packed snow left behind by the snowplow. The high-efficiency brushless motor operates the 17-inch auger moving 1500 pounds of snow per minute with a throwing distance of 35 feet. The variable-speed auger control helps regulate the auger in various snow conditions.

Instead of bending forward and attempting to adjust the chute direction with a crank handle, the EGO SNT2102 has a far easier immediate response direction control lever and a squeeze grip lever for height- adjustment. The direction control lever is conveniently placed on the right side of the handle. Push the lever forward to rotate the discharge chute to the left and pull backward to turn to the right.  The squeeze grip attached to the chute controls the height.

The single-stage snow blower works quietly like a powered hairdryer and won’t wake the neighbors if you decide to clear the driveway at 5 am. The LED lights give enough light for moving snow during the day with poor visibility or before the sun comes up.

The snow blower doesn’t take up much space with the folding handles feature. When you’re ready to use the snow blower, unfold and lock the side rails in place. Insert the batteries and close the cover before pressing the safety button switch to start the engine. To activate the snow blower, squeeze the handgrip. Releasing the handgrip stops the snow blower.

The weather-resistant, heavy-duty steel, and composite construction are designed for durability and extreme weather conditions. The EGO SNT2102 cordless single-stage snow blower has a five-year limited warranty which is more than double the industry standard. The batteries and rapid chargers have a three-year limited warranty.

Areas To Watch Out For:

  • Deep snow will require multiple passes since it is a single-stage snow blower designed with a 13-inch intake height.
  • Single-stage snow blowers don’t work well on gravel surfaces.

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