Great Choice For: Clearing Light Snow from Paved Driveways While It's Dark

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Overall Score: 9 out of 10

What We Like:

  • The 13 Amp motor moves 850 pounds of snow up to 10 inches deep.  
  • 4-year warranty is double what manufacturers usually offer in the industry. 
  • The LED light kit gives visibility during the day or when it’s dark.  
  • 7-inch wheels maneuvers easily over terrains and when turning at the end of the path. 
  • The multidirectional chute allows for throwing snow up to 20 feet away from the driveway 
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Compared To Other Snowblowers We Reviewed:

If you’re looking for aaffordableenvironmentfriendly snow thrower that has enough power to clear fresh snow from 2-car wide driveway, then the Greenworks 2600502 is a great pick. It is a single-stage electric corded snow blower that can remove up to 10 inches of snow. 

The 13 Amp motor has enough power to move 850 inches per minute of snow from your driveway or sidewalk. Six inches of snow is no problem for this snow blower and with shorter strokes and tilting the snowblower, it’s capable of clearing a depth of 10 inches or more according to some consumers.  

An adjustable directional chute of 180 degrees can throw the snow at any angle that the operator desires. With a choice of multiple directions, the snow is thrown up to 20 feet away from the cleared path  

Greenworks products are designed with the environment and the operator in mind. The LED light kit allows for clearing snow whenever necessary, on weekends, early morning, or after work. The light ensures for clear vision at night or if snow starts falling and you’re almost done. The noise level of the snow thrower is low enough that it won’t bother your neighbors if you decide to clear the fresh snow early morning before going to work. If you don’t’ need the lights and are on a budget, then the Greenworks 2600502 corded snow blower has the same features as the Greenworks 2600202 but without the LED lights.  

Single-stage snow blowers aren’t self-propelled which means it is more effort for the operator than a two-stage or three-stage snowblower. The 7-inch wheels help with maneuvering the snow thrower at turns or over rough terrain.  

At 32 pounds, its light enough to steer, and the adjustable handle eases the pressure on your back and shoulders. It becomes difficult to handle in compacted snow and icy patches, which it isn’t designed for, because of its lightweight.  

The 20-inch clearing width works well for the averagesized property. It’s narrow enough to clear snow from decks and patios, but wide enough for minimizing passes when moving snow from the driveway.     

The polyethylene auger is durable, but the rubber scrapers may damage if used on gravel driveways. It’s recommended that single-stage snow throwers aren’t used on gravel driveways because it picks up everything in its path.   

A cord lock stores the electric cord neatly avoiding unnecessary kinking or a tangled cord that’s in your way. The foldable handle creates a compact unit that is easy to store. Make sure you purchase the right extension cord for working outdoors, one that can lie on the cold ground. A 50 feet cord with at least 12gauge is recommended; which should be long enough. You don’t want to struggle with the excess length of cable that you accidentally run over. 

Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty for defects under regular use. The typical standard in the industry is two years; Greenworks’ warranty is double that.  

Areas To Watch Out For:

  • The recommended extension cord is expensive, but for safety reasons, it’s best to use the right cord in cold weather.   
  • It works best with light, fluffy snow. The machine isn’t heavy enough for compacted snow, which it wasn’t designed for.  

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