Great Choice For: The budget-conscious homeowner that only cares about getting the job done quickly.

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Overall Score: 9.2 out of 10

What We Like:

  • The 13 Amp motor easily moves 850 pounds of snow at depths up to 10 inches deep.  
  • A 4-year warranty is double what most manufacturers offer. 
  • It’s lightweight which makes it easy to handle in normal conditions. 
  • The rotating snow-chute allows for aiming where to throw snow – at distances up to 20 feet away from the driveway.  
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Compared To Other Snowblowers We Reviewed:

If you’re looking for an affordable yet environmentally-friendly snow blower that has enough power to get most jobs done – then the Greenworks 2600502 is a great pick. This single-stage electric corded snow blower can remove up to 10 inches of snow without a problem. It’s made for the homeowner that just wants to get the snow blowing done and doesn’t care about the bell and whistles.

The 13 Amp motor has enough torque to move 850 pounds of white snow per minute from your sidewalk or drive. It’s designed to handle six inches of snow with no issues. However, you can handle snowfalls nearly double that if you make multiple passes and take time to let the blower do the work.

A movable directional chute can rotate 180 degrees. This flexibility means you can throw the snow at nearly any angle the operator desires. Under the right conditions, expect to fling snow up to 20 feet from your snowblowing path.

Greenworks products are created with both the environment and the human operator in mind. This is not a noisy snow blower. Instead, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner. You won’t bother your neighbors if you decide to clear the fresh snow early in the morning before heading off to work.

This model does not come with LED lights. If you don’t need the bulbs, you’ll save money over the Greenworks 2600202 by buying this blower. If you do need the LED’s, the Greenworks 2600202 corded snow blower holds the same features as the Greenworks 2600502 but includes LED lighting.

Keep in mind: most single-stage snow blowers aren’t self-propelled. That means you provide the power to push the snowblower. That’s different than a two-stage or three-stage snowblower. The 7-inch wheels help to control the snow thrower through turns or over rough terrain.

At 32 pounds, it’s light enough to steer easily, and the adjustable handle takes the pressure off your back and shoulders. It can become difficult to handle in icy snow because of its light weight.

The 20-inch clearing width works well for a typical suburban home. It’s narrow enough to clear snow from decks and patios, but wide enough not to require an insane number of passes when moving snow from the driveway.

The polyethylene auger is durable, but the rubber scrapers may damage if used on gravel driveways. You really shouldn’t use single-stage snow blowers on gravel driveways – the snowthrower picks up everything in its path and can fling debris at high speeds. Look up YouTube videos on the subject; you’ll see what I mean.

A cord lock stores the extension cord neatly away – avoiding unnecessary kinking or a tangled cord that gets cut by the blower. The Greenworks 2600502 includes a foldable handle, which makes the snowblower easy to store.

Make sure you purchase the right extension cord for working outdoors, one that can lie on the cold ground. A 50 foot, 12-gauge rated is recommended for safety reasons. You’ll have no issues with that rating. Only get a longer extension cord if you need it. You don’t want to struggle with longer wire and someday eventually run it over.

Greenworks offers standard a 4-year warranty for defects under regular use. The typical warranty length in the industry is two years.

Areas To Watch Out For:

  • This snowblower isn’t made to handle over a foot of hardpacked or wet snow.  If you go slow enough it might work, but it won’t be fun for you.
  • A corded electric snowblower means you need an extension cord rated both for cold-weather and to handle the 13.5 amps this blower pulls.

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