Great Choice For: Mid-sized Paved Driveways and Walkways with 6-12 Inches of Snow

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Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

What We Like:

  • A lightweight but powerful snow blower that clears 2500 square feet of snow per hour.
  • The 15 Amp motor will move up to a foot of moderate and wet snow.
  • The auger is steel with two rubber blades contrary to most electric snow blowers that have rubber augers.
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Compared To Other Snowblowers We Reviewed:

When a lightweight snow blower, like the Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E, is powerful enough to move 6-12 inches of snow, why would you opt for a substantial and cumbersome snow blower? The 15 Amp motor is the most powerful motor for single-stage electric snow blowers.

No gas or maintenance; plug the electric cord into the outlet, and you’re ready to go. The snow blower clears 2500 square feet per hour which means the robust motor can move 800 pounds of snow per minute.

As a single-stage snow blower, it’s recommended to use on paved driveways. The scraper blades are designed to clear snow from the ground efficiently. On gravel driveways, it will pick up the loose stones, and when discharged can become a harmful projectile. The Snow Joe website, however, suggests pushing down on the handle to lift the scraper when working on pebbles, gravel, and unpaved surfaces.

The adjustable chute rotates 180 degrees and has a throwing distance of 20 feet. Instead of a rubber auger like most electric snow blowers have, it’s a steel auger with two rubber blades. The blades may be thinner than larger machines but are replaceable. Rubber blades work well on decks and asphalt or concrete driveways. The steel auger moves snow at an intake height of 12 inches. In one pass, the snow blower creates a 21-inch wide path which is a good width for walkways. Light snow pushes effortlessly through the heavy-duty plastic chute. If wet snow clogs the chute, position it to discharge forward instead of to the left or right.

Although the snow blower doesn’t have power steering and isn’t self-propelled, the easy-glide altering wheels make it easy to turn and maneuver the snow blower. The snow blower is also light in weight.

Another benefit is the 3W LED headlight for using in poor visibility.

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E snow blower has a 2-year warranty and is ETL approved.

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