Great Choice For: 2-Car Driveway In Areas With Moderate Snowfall

Last Updated On October 14, 2019
Overall Score: 9.6 out of 10

What We Like:

  • Great value at a reasonable price.
  • A sturdy two-stage snow blower that moves up to 21 inches of snow clearing a path of 24 inches.
  • The snow blower is self-propelled and light enough to maneuver; you won’t even miss the power steering.
  • By removing the chute and folding the handles, the snow blower only requires 30 inches storage height.
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Compared To Other Snowblowers We Reviewed:

If your looking for a value for money buy, a powerful snow blower at a reasonable price, then the Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 two-stage gas snow blower is an excellent choice. It’s excellent for clearing snow in moderate snowfall areas.

The 208cc 4-cycle Troy-Bilt OHV engine has a pull-start and electric start. By plugging it in, the engine starts immediately with the electric start. Should you be a distance from the power outlet, it conveniently has the option of a pull-cord start.

Although the snow blower isn’t power steering, it is self-propelled and light enough for men or women to handle. Six forward and two reverse speeds comfortably steer the snow blower while clearing snow. Two separate levers control the engine propulsion and auger activation.

A higher-priced machine may have more luxury features but the Tory-Bilt Storm 2410 is a sturdy two-stage snowblower that clears up to 21 inches of snow effectively. With a little patience, heavier snow is cleared. Attaching drift cutters is an optional choice for cutting and clearing deeper snowdrifts.

The 24-inch clearing path is wide enough to clear sidewalks, routes for the dog, and driveways too. It’s also narrow enough to fit through the side door of the garage or shed. The 12-inch augers draw in the snow and rotate and chop it until small enough to push it to the impeller which forces it up and through the chute.

The crank handle controls the discharge chute throwing the snow up to 30 feet in the direction the operator decides. You may need to bend slightly forward to use the crank handle, but you don’t have to stop the snow blower before changing the chute direction.

The 14 x 3-inch X-Trac tires help with traction, and it’s safe to use the snow blower against slopes with 15 degrees incline. Wheels make it easy to move around even during transport. Adjustable polymer skid shoes protect garage floors against scuff marks and enable clearing snow on gravel and paved high-traffic areas.

Draining the oil is a good annual maintenance practice. With the drain plug situated at the back of the machine and not close to the wheels; it’s not a messy job draining the oil.

It doesn’t come fully assembled. You need to attach the chute, handles, and the chute crank handle. Assembly takes less than 30 minutes. A benefit of the partly-assembled snow blower is that by removing the chute and folding the handles, the snow blower requires only 30 inches of storage height. It is helpful since two- and three-stage snow blowers require a lot of storage space.

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 snow blower is a great value buy. It is sturdy built and durable with reinforced steel housing. The snow blower has the industry-standard 2-year limited warranty.

Areas To Watch Out For:

  • Controlling the chute while holding down the auger is cumbersome without the one-hand operation.
  • It doesn’t have the luxury features like headlights and power steering like the higher-priced models.

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