How to Dispose of Stale Gasoline Properly and Safely

The world is highly dependent on gasoline. In the unites states alone over 94 million barrels of gasoline are used up daily. That is a staggering amount. With all the industries depending on gasoline to power their equipment, it is to surprise that there are millions of used gasoline lying around.


Since gasoline is highly flammable and hazardous to the environment it should be handled with extreme caution. If you find yourself will gallons of stale gasoline, you are probably wondering how to dispose of it safely. There are a few ways to do this, lets dive in.

Why Dispose of Stale Gasoline?

Stale gasoline can be dangerous as it contains a combination of over 150 chemicals that can destroy both animal and human lives. Compounds such as benzene are known carcinogens and should be kept out of the ecosystems.

The environment is neither spared from the negative effects of gasoline. Flora and fauna exposed to this compounds wither and die leaving the environment looking like something out of an apocalypse movie.

According to the authorities it is illegal to dispose of stale gasoline by just dumping it in the environment. Considering that it is extremely flammable it can be hazardous to your property if stored or disposed of incorrectly. There are set guidelines and repercussions of hefty fines if you are caught dumping stale gasoline anywhere.

How to Dispose the Stale Gasoline Yourself?

Many people are unaware of the dangers of stale gasoline and thus dispose it in an irresponsible way. This makes us exposed to elements that might harm future generations to come. Here are a few ways on how to dispose stale gasoline:

  • If you have a lawn mower or nay device that draws power from stale gasoline, you can use these devices to surely but slowly use up the gasoline. The method prescribes that you wait till the device is half way through then add the old gasoline. The mixture should maintain a ratio of 3:1 so that it remains stable and usable. That is another efficient way of disposing of gasoline.
  • Since new cars are not recommended to use old gasoline, you can use a car that has been used for a while. Many developing countries in the world use this method to save on expenses. Mix the old gasoline with fresh one and bam! Your car has fuel and you can be able to dispose of those gallons of stale gasoline.
  • Recycling stale gasoline is hard due to its compounds and flammability. There are institutions that make it their business to dispose of such waste. A hazardous waste center is recommended if you have no way of reusing or disposing of the gasoline. You can call these centers to come and collect the waste. Communities in Pennsylvania and Houston have adapted these policies and their centers are open daily.
  • Used gasoline makes an amazing at loosening up joints and bolts. When you take your car for servicing you can carry the old gasoline along and give it to the auto shop guys. They know what to do with it. Therefore, you’ll have expensed the problem of disposing bad gasoline recklessly.
  • Use gasoline to degrease metal surfaces. Now you have to be very careful with this and a gas mask is recommended. This is to prevent you from inhaling poisonous fumes. There should be no device around that can ignite a fire otherwise your whole property might go down in smoke
  • Your local boat yard will definitely appreciate you dropping of your used gasoline. Most of these boat yards use that gasoline on their tractors that they use to haul the boats around. You would have done both you and the boat yard a huge service
  • If you love camping and have a couple of the old Coleman lanterns, then you are in luck. These lanterns are created to run on unleaded gasoline. Your used unleaded gasoline can be used to save you some cash, and still dispose gasoline that might be taking up space in your garage.
  • Most people see this as controversial but gasoline makes an efficient cleaning solvent. Although great precaution is to be taken when handling stale gasoline, it does in fact make a decent motorcycle parts cleaner. It can be used to soak old gaskets and take grease off. Do you have a motorcycle and a some used gasoline? Well, get cleaning.
  • If you have antique furniture that needs restoration, and you need to find a cleaner that removes the muck around the fine wood without softening the varnish. You can use your used gasoline that is free of anti-knock to do this.
  • Construction companies Mix old gasoline with equal parts of old oil and use it on form boards to act as a concrete releasing agent. You can take your gallonsof gasoline to your construction sites and it can be used to dissolve Styrofoam when concrete is being laid down.
  • Another way on how to dispose of stale gasoline is to cauterize flesh wounds. with gasoline you are unable to reach any form of antiseptic. It is unconventional but it surprisingly works
  • Say you own a ranch and you need cattle corrals. Did you know that you can dispose gasoline by mixing it with creosol to act as a wood preservative? This will keep those nasty bugs from your corrals and keep the wood from deteriorating.
  • It’s that time of the year when your house needs a new coat of paint. You remember that you have some used up gasoline. Filter out the dirt and use that gasoline as a paint thinner. Take precaution not to have any fire producing device and make sure you are in a well ventilated area to avoid inhalation.

Final Verdict

Those are just some of the ways on how you can dispose stale gasoline if you are in locations that do not have hazardous waste centers. With these methods you are able to save your environment and still in a way, recycle waste. All the best employing these methods and remember, safety comes first.

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