How to Get Rid of Weeds in the Garden

The most irritating thing about the garden is the unwanted weeds that grow. It can be quite nuisance to the garden and the worst fact is that it grows very fast. Thus, to get rid of these weeds is not that easy but fortunately you can. With some really great process you can get rid of them by decreasing their rate of growth and reproduction. Here are some of the effective ways by which you can get rid of the weeds and kill them.

How to Get Rid of Weeds in the Garden

1. Pull Them Off

If you have already tried it before then you will know this that some of the weeds are really hard to pull off. Certain weeds especially dandelions and some other with the taproot can be quite difficult. In this case, you need to water the area directly and then try to pull them. Even you can do the same after rainstorm. The water actually helps to make the ground softer and thus pulling them gets easier. You can also use a gardening tool to insert along the deep root of the weeds and loosen it.

2. Pour Boiling Water on the Weeds

It is a good idea to drain pots of hot boiling water directly over the weeds. These are the living organisms that invade in your garden and do a lot of damages. With the splash of boiling water over them regularly can help you to get rid of the toughest weeds in few days.

3. Salt Can Do a Great Work

Many people do not know but the worst enemy of some weeds is salt. You can take some rock salt and sprinkle them along the garden where the weeds have grown. This will fight against the weeds and eventually the weeds will die. This salt acts as a good barrier along the lawn edgings and even in certain places where lawn mower cannot reach.

4. Physical Barriers

While all other ways are the temporary solution to get rid of weeds, there are also certain solutions which are permanent. A physical barrier will help you to stop the growth of weeds permanently. Barriers like lawn edging or retaining the walls can have a long lasting effect on the weeds. These are simple and cheap ways to get rid of the weeds. So, you can try to build some physical barriers in order to stop the growth of weeds.

5. Pour Vinegar

Another natural way to get rid of the weeds in your garden is to pour vinegar on them. Vinegar is excellent on the weeds and can kill them completely within few days. This is the best method for destroying the weeds that have long taproots. For example: Dock, plantain and dandelions. You can even use the leftover liquid from the pickle jar.

Calling A Professional Gardener

All these five ways are the best for getting rid of the weeds in your garden. But often the weeds seem to be outrageous and unstoppable. These homemade remedies may not work at that point of time. If you are facing the same situation then the best way to get rid of these weeds is to call a professional. A professional gardener can effectively help you to stop the growth of the weeds and get rid of them. They can examine the ground well and exactly know where and how to stop these weeds. Often there are some special treatments for some of the weeds. These things are not possible for a normal person to know. So, sometimes calling a professional gardener will help you to get the best result.


So, these are some of the best ways that you can try. Nevertheless, it is better to examine what types of weeds are growing on your garden. Make sure to use specialized methods for those specific weeds to get completely rid of them. But while calling a professional make sure that you are calling the best and most reliable one. They have to be experienced and knowledgeable in terms of these weed cleaning. It needs specialized tools and chemicals which cannot be used by all. So, experienced and licensed services are the best. You have to do all the essential researches to make sure that you hire the best service to clean your garden and stop unwanted weeds.

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