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How to Setup a Weed Eater

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During the rainy season, weeds typically grow quickly than normal. In that case, tall and untamed weeds will surely be noticed, especially in the gardens and lawns. If you want to have a beautiful landscape in these areas, it is necessary to keep the weeds trimmed to the right level. Weeds are generally considered as pests and if they are untamed, will surely destroy the beauty of your garden or lawn. This would surely be a turn off for the guests who are visiting your house.

How to Setup a Weed Eater

In this case, you will be needing a weed eater. This is a device that will allow you to trim the weeds and keep them at minimum heights. This way, the landscape on your lawn or garden will be beautiful. A weed eater can be categorized into three different types, typically based on the type of energy that is required for them to power up. It can either be electric, cordless, or gas powered. Whatever type of weed eater you will be buying, it will still be performing the same function. Typically, when you purchase a weed eater, it is not yet assembled. You can follow these steps on how you can set up the weed eater that you have bought.

  1. Most models of weed eaters only require minimal effort for them to be assembled. Typically, the handle and the shaft are packed separately from the engine or actual motor. In this manner, the space that is needed to pack the items can be minimized.
  2. You will be receiving a package with several components. The first thing that you should be looking for is the manual. The manual provides detailed instructions on how you can set up as well as how you can operate the machine. The manual will also enumerate the different parts that are included in the package. You should always refer to your manual to check on the components that you have received. You must make sure that these components are complete. If even one component is missing, there is a high possibility that your weed eater will not work properly.
  3. You must be removing all of the components from their packaging so that you can prepare them from the assembly. Depending on the model of weed eater that you have purchased, you may also need to prepare other hand-held tools that can help you in setting up the item, such as a screwdriver or the likes.
  4. You have to look for the shaft from the number of components that are present. The shaft is typically tilting at a 45-degree angle towards the user. This way, the device can be used easily. There are different ways on how you can attach the shaft. It will depend on the model of weed eater that you have. With some weed eaters, the shaft can be attached through the head while it can be attached through the motor with other models. The manufacturer will most likely provide you with a certain number of screws. You will have to use your screwdriver to this point. In this manner, you can screw the shaft to the head or motor and tighten it accordingly. You must check if the shaft is really screwed tightly so that it will not fall of at any time. Such situation may lead to accidents and injuries.
  5. The next thing that you should be connecting is the handle. With some models, you might need to screw the handle bars into their right places. Other models will also allow you to just use your hands without the need for a screwdriver. You just need to push and connect the handle bars together. After attaching the handle bars, the power mechanism of the item should be checked to ensure that you can easily control the device.
  6. Lastly, you have to connect the string. There is a circular spinning item at the head, called the spool, where you need to wind up the string. A roll of string is typically included in the package but a replacement can be found easily in hardware stores. The instructions on how to attach the string also depends on the model so you should always be referring to your manual when it comes to things that are associated with your weed eater.

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  1. It’s important to punish weeds whenever you see and catch them, because letting them go basically allows them to get away with murder. They are extremely destructive and will kill any other plants they see (even each other) and destroy the environment around them. If they are allowed to go unpunished other plants will be encouraged to follow their example and will eventually take over and destroy an entire ecosystem.

    Weed wacking them is the right thing to do because the weed wacker humiliates them and makes them sorry for what they did by forcing them to go through what they did to other plants. The weed wacker essentially whips down and spanks weeds to death, and the crying from the weeds sets an example and helps to discourage other plants from trying to move in and take over. It also helps you and others feel good knowing you helped your garden and helping teach weeds a lesson before they die.

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