Great Choice For: Clearing Paved Driveways with a Few Passes

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Overall Score: 9.2 out of 10

What We Like:

  • The second-largest clearing width for electric snow blowers. It clears a path of 21 inches with snow up to 12 inches deep.  
  • It is quiet enough not to disturb the neighbors with the familiar vacuum cleaner kind of sound.   
  • The snowblower effectively clears over 2500 square feet of snow in an hour.  
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Compared To Other Snowblowers We Reviewed:

If you’re looking for one of the largest electric snow blowers on the market that is trustworthy and can handle 6-11.8 inches of snow, the Snow Joe SJ624E is an excellent choice. It works quietly but effectively clearing the snow from a 2-car wide driveway, decks, and patios. The single-stage corded snow thrower sounds like a vacuum cleaner and is as efficient in clearing snow and ice as the vacuum cleaner gets rid of dust 

With a 21-inch clearing width, the Snow Joe SJ624E works well on long driveways and walkways, clearing over 2500 square feet per hourIt conveniently clears a wide path which minimizes the number of passes necessary to remove the snow from a larger area. The snow blower, however, isn’t too large to fit comfortably through a standard shed door   

It has a 14 Amp motor that cuts through 6 inches of snow and is powerful enough to handle up to 12 inches moderate to heavy snowThe steel auger with two rubber blades moves 730 pounds of snow per minute. A 180degrees adjustable chute throws the snow as far as 20 feet in the direction the operator establishes with the chute crank conveniently placed close to the handle      

The snow thrower works best on paved driveways and pathwaysIf you need to clear snow from an unpaved walkway or gravel driveway, lift the scraper by pushing down on the handle. The handle also folds for ease of storage.  

A safety switch button avoids accidental startups that may cause injuries. Press the switch button with the one hand and then squeeze the handle simultaneously for a quick startup. Release the safety button, and you’re ready to clear the driveway.  

It’s recommended to use a UL rated extension cord for allweather use outdoors. The onboard restraint clip prevents the cord from accidentally disconnecting. To avoid running over the cord pivot, the snowblower on its easy-glide wheels when turning at the end of the path back towards the outlet.  

The snow blower is ETL approved, which means it complies with North-America safety standards. It comes with a standard industry 2-year warranty.    

Areas To Watch Out For:

  • No lights for when it gets dark, and you’re not done with clearing the driveway. 
  • The extension cord is expensive but safe for outdoor use.  

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