Top 8 Chop Saw Reviews in 2017

Chop Saw

There’s nothing more high-octane than the scene of a person in a full body gear lowering an abrasive saw into a piece of metal and sparks flying off in a fiery style. Well, whether young or old, this is a timeless scene. Chop saws are here to stay because they are your best bet for cutting through steel pipes, cast iron bars and everything in between. It features an abrasive steel disc which cuts more efficiently than other saws with blades.

Chop Saw

Safety is something that remains a priority when working with a chop saw. Make sure you work in a safe room, that’s well lit and away from children. Dress appropriately, protecting your body and eyes from the flying sparks.

Once, that is sorted. You can now read on to find the best saw that fits your bill. Let’s jump right into it!

Top 8 Best Chop Saws On The Market

[productbox_general asin=”B0000302QS” affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”1. DEWALT DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Quiet – Well-Designed Blades”]

There is a wide range of saws that anyone could buy at any given time. Here are some of my favorites starting with the DEWALT DW872. This tool is strong enough to get metal cutting jobs pretty quickly including tough metals. Another great feature that this cutter saw has is the fact that it can cut through metals faster than ordinary chop saws.

Get this. It is specially designed to cut through metals pretty fast and smooth. It weighs in a bit over 50 pounds at 55. The dimensions of this big boy are 24 by 15.2 by 18.5 inches. It has fairly strong blades which cut through metal impeccably.


This saw is quieter than most and has less vibration. This means that there will be very little movement and irritation while you use this tool. While in operation, it produces very little noise.

Well-Designed Blades

The blades that this saw has are designed well enough for them to not only do a good job but to also do it fast because the way they run is very smooth.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Quiet
  • Less vibration
  • Smooth working blades
  • Fast
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • Can be a little bulky

[checkon_general asin=”B0000302QS” affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B00004YOLV” affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”2. Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Long Lasting Blade – Easy To Use”]

Next, we have the MAKITA LC1230. Before we even continue can we just talk about its design? It has a unique design that makes it stand out even before we have gone through the specs.

Now let’s get down to it. This tool has a very powerful motor that gets work done in record time. The motor powers at a maximum of hundred and twenty volts so nothing too much to blow your fuse.

The blade is one that will last a while, so you do not have to worry about buying spare blades at any point in time. It weighs a mere 41.9 pounds, and the measurements are 20.3 by 12.1 by 23. 7 inches.

Long Lasting Blade

The blade here will save you a lot of money because you only need to buy it once. Some blades will go round breaking at any random times but not this one because it was built specifically to last.

Easy To Use

Since all the features were carefully improved from the old model, it is now more efficient to use. It is also much simpler because it does not have a lot of instructions to go with it.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Really cool ergonomics (handle, pull-out lever for adjusting vise)
  • Its face is flat which makes it good for precision cuts
  • Vertical spring is extremely easy to work with
  • The base is heavy-duty aliminium which is very safe
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • A D-shaped handle would would have given the saw a more modern look.

[checkon_general asin=”B00004YOLV” affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B00JGB04V4″ affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”3. Dremel US40-01 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with 4 Accessories and 1 Attachment” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Relatively Light – Affordability”]

Swiftly moving on we have the DREMEL US40-02. No, this one is also one of those that will make you want to spend your money. Not only is it built ready to do the cutting but it also has the advantage of self-preparation and flush cutting applications.

It also now has a metal foot and guard to take on those more difficult and heavy duty jobs. This is a useful improvement I must say. So with this, we know that it will have a longer life.

Now for the lot of us who do not like heavy things, this tool weighs in at 6.8 pounds. Yes, that’s right. 6.8 pounds. Only. It is therefore not very stressful to carry or move around. Its dimensions are 16 by 7.5 by 5.2 inches.

Relatively Light

It weighs a reasonable amount at 6.8 pounds only. Meaning that it will not cause you much strain. Even though it is a tool that you won’t need to carry around at all times, it helps that it is at least has a reasonable weight to it.


It is important that you not only buy a tool that will do a commendable job but one that will also fit into your budget. This one will not take up much of your money, and once you buy it, you won’t need one for a long time if not at all.
[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]

  • Affordable
  • Nice design
  • Very little weight
  • Foot guard 

Cons[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]

  • Big
  • Heavy
  • Moves a lot
  • Doesn’t have good grip

[checkon_general asin=”B00JGB04V4″ affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B00551DJBQ” affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”4. DEWALT D28710 14-Inch Abrasive Chop Saw” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Comfortable Handle – Spindle Lock”]

I think by now we can see that when it comes to DEWALT products, there is nothing disappointing about them. Now we introduce the DEWALT D28710 which has received tons of positive reviews by users.

With its 15 amp motor with horsepower four it is one heck of an impressive saw. It as a spindle lock which allows you to make wheel changes fast and easily for whenever it will be that you find it convenient to do so.

Aside from all this, it is also has a well-designed handle which is built for maximum comfort and avoids exhaustion as much as possible.  It is an electric saw measuring 21.9 by 14.6 by 17 inches and is one you do not want to pass up.

Comfortable Handle

The handle is very comfortable, and that has to be one of the most important factors of a tool which would need you to handle it. So if the handle is comfortable, then your work will flow smoother.

Spindle Lock

The spindle lock is there for you to adjust the wheels whenever you please and is one of those features which stands out in this tool. If you can freely adjust the wheels, then you would feel more in control.
[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]

  • Strong horsepower
  • Spindle lock
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lots of good reviews
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • A lot of power needed to start up
  • Can stall upon start up


[checkon_general asin=”B00551DJBQ” affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B000IHXOKI” affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”5. MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Safety Accessories – Great Design”]

Then we have this saw right here which does an unforgettable job.  Not only does it perform at an impressive time, but it also performs at minimum noise levels. It is one of my favorite things about this saw.

Now onto other specs. It has a 72 tooth blade which cuts the metal instead of crushing it. This means that there are no sparks or little bits of metal flying past you. Speaking of which, it comes with safety goggles, ear plugs, and other safety accessories.

How big is it you ask? It measures 22 by 18.5 by 14 inches. So neither is it too big nor too small. It is a brilliant electric tool which weighs 53 pounds, and its voltage is at 120 volts.

Safety Accessories

Safety first right? Which is exactly what this tool is about (except the cutting metals part of course).  Now the safety accessories that come with this tool vary and it is nice to know that you would be safe while using this tool.

Great Design

By the looks of it, we can see that careful consideration was put into how it would physically appear on the outside, not including the specifications and I have to say it is a pretty appealing tool.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Nice extra accessories
  • Safe
  • Looks good
  • Works fast
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • Very big vice
  • Blade guard can at times come apart
  • Expensive blades

[checkon_general asin=”B000IHXOKI” affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B0000WUQI4″ affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”6. Milwaukee 6370-21 13 Amp 8-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Strong Blade – Electric”]

The Milwaukee 6370-21 is another one that I would highly recommend. It is long lasting, affordable and has some pretty great features to it. First off it has a plunge lever that will guarantee you the best plunge cuts.

That’s not all. It also has a very strong and durable blade with blade shield. The blade shield is of course there for your personal safety. Aside from the blade shield it also has the fast release clutch which works very well for disposal of waste.

This tool weighs around 14 pounds and measures 25 by 21 by 14 inches. So a pretty decent size if you ask me. It is electric, comes in either red or gray and does not need batteries.

Strong Blade

One of the best features on this saw is the blade, and if I hadn’t mentioned it before, the blade is very strong. With the blade shield present, you can get your work done more accurately and faster since your safety is assured.


While dealing with a tool like this, I think it is only the most effective if it is electric. This is because it needs more power, so it is better if it is connected to a wall socket rather than use batteries which will run out eventually.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Strong blades
  • Fast
  • Safe to use
  • Electric
  • Easy to use
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • May need to replace blades
  • Reading the manual carefully is important

[checkon_general asin=”B0000WUQI4″ affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B0000223J5″ affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”7. Makita 2414NB 14-Inch Portable Cut-Off Saw” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Comfortable Handle – Heavy duty”]

Just by the first glance, we can already see that it has a very comfortable and well-built handle that would just be perfect to hold. Which is very true in fact. It is in a D-shape allowing you to hold it comfortably.

Some other great features include the fact that the fence is very adjustable depending on the size of the material being cut. This is very important because you would never really be cutting materials of the same shape and size each time.

This machine is pretty good for the more heavy duty metals. It measures 19.7 by 11 by 23.6 inches and weighs about 40.6 pounds. It powers at 115 volts and its wattage is 430.

Comfortable Handle

The handle on this saw guarantees the utmost comfort. If you’re comfortable. It would mean that you would get more hours on whatever you’d be working on and would get a faster, better finish.

Heavy duty

Since it is a pretty powerful saw, it means it could get the tougher and more robust pieces of metal cut very easily. The motor runs very well, and it has a very good blade that would get you a cleaner finish.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Nice handle
  • Good design
  • Can handle big jobs
  • Gives smooth finishes
  • Doesn’t use too much power
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • Fault in the arm mechanism
  • No tool holder
  • Narrow base

[checkon_general asin=”B0000223J5″ affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B000WEORGM” affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”8. Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 Multi Purpose Cutting Chop Saw, 14-Inch” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Weight Management – Multipurpose Blade”]

And last, but not least we have this chop saw right here ladies and gentlemen. It is one heck of a chop saw which can cut through both wood and metal. All with the same multipurpose blade.

Let’s check it out further. It can cut through 6 millimeters of steel with no heat or sparks. Pretty impressive huh? It can also cut at up to a 45-degree angle of whatever material you’re working on.

Believe it or not, this chop saw only weighs a pound. Yes. One pound. Very easy to move around with this one. It is also electric and measures 23 by 12 by 24 inches. Now I think that this one is one for the books.

Weight Management

One pound is nothing. This is the perfect chop saw to have around because it is not going to take up much energy to move around. Plus, no one wants a big chunky tool just sitting there.

Multipurpose Blade

As mentioned earlier, the blade on this bad boy can cut all types of different material including both metal and wood. Once you buy this tool, there is no need for you to buy any other saw, to say the least.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Multipurpose blade
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Great performance
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • Clamps are not very effective
  • Markings are not accurate
  • Requires adjustments

[checkon_general asin=”B000WEORGM” affid=”pennind05-20″]


With that run-down, you should have an easier time in choosing the chop saw or metal cutting saw that fits you appropriately. Remember that safety comes first.

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