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Top Wet Tile Saws For You In 2017 – The 4 Best Reviewed

Best Wet Tile Saw Reviews
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I would like to dedicate the following reviews to those of us who have been postponing those tile projects. Be it in the kitchen, bathrooms, you name it – you need the best tile saw you can afford to do the job right. These are some of the best wet tile saws on the market right now, and I highly recommend them. They not only get the work done fast, but they are reliable and easy to use. Without further ado, let’s get to it.
Best Wet Tile Saw Reviews

4 Best Wet Tile Saws On The Market

[productbox_general asin=”B003HIWR08″ affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”1. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Stainless Steel Top – Blade Cooling – Powerful Motor”]

Now this is one tiling saw that should be on your wish list this holiday. It’s perfect for these small home jobs.  This wet tile saw will get you smooth cuts and accurate ones too.

It has a rip fence which is adjustable so that you can alter it to your personal preference. Not only is it flexible but it can cut tiles at up to a 45-degree angle. So it’s time to get to those bathroom projects you’ve been postponing.

This baby weighs 17.7 pounds, and its dimensions are 18 x 14.5 by 7.8 inches so it’s something that you can carry around whenever you need to. It is also electric and is powered at a voltage of 120.

Stainless Steel Top

The stainless steel top will avoid rusts and will just generally make you feel good about working on a surface that doesn’t have unnecessary marks. Plus, it is easy to clean whenever you need to. Another advantage about the stainless steel top is that it is long lasting. The surface will stay at the state that it was at the time of purchase for a long time all it needs is just a little wipe once in a while.

Blade Cooling

Blade cooling is a very important part of a saw because you need to be assured that does not overheat. That is why it is quite a beauty on this saw so that you can work for longer. The blade cooling feature on this tile saw is one of the key features that I thought stood out because it will not only allow you to work for longer but the tool itself.

Powerful Motor

The motor is literally the powerhouse of any electrical appliance. Without a good motor, the tile will not run as well as it should and would cause you to replace often. For this saw, the powerful motor is a key factor because it is long lasting and would reduce maintenance costs since it is a very strong one. No one wants to spend money replacing and taking their appliances for fix ups, might as well get a new one.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Affordable
  • Blade cooling effect
  • Great design
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • Maintenance
  • Water reservoir is small

[checkon_general asin=”B003HIWR08″ affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B00J21SL6S” affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”2. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Great Design – Water Containment – Lightweight”]

Now off to number two. Another wet tile saw ladies and gents. This one has a very nice exterior before I even proceed. It has a very sleek design and is easy to the eye, but as we all now, inner beauty is more important right?

The hydro lock is one of my favorite feature on this saw. Not only will it reduce tidy up time, but it will also keep the blades cool while in the works. It can cut tiles up to 45-degree angles as well and makes precise cuts.

24 pounds is all it weighs so pretty good ey? It also measures 22 by 18 by 8.5 inches, so just like any other good saw, it is suitable to carry around.

Great Design

The exterior of this tool is one to take notice of. It has been well built and catches the prospective users’ attention at first glance. Even though t has some commendable interior features the design of this tile saw is definitely something you cannot avoid. I mean you know what they say first impressions are everything right? So while you would be checking out other saws, this one would definitely get you attention.

Water Containment

The water containment aspect on this wet tile saw is commendable. There are no unnecessary sprays, and therefore, you get more accurate cuts. It also ensures that you have a clean work spot. Not only these things, but since you would be working on sensitive materials, tiles, it prevents the tile from cracking or breaking off into chunks under the heat/friction of the saw itself.


Having an appliance that you can carry around whenever you need to or whenever you have to is a very big advantage on you. Why? Because maybe the power outlet that you are used to using blows and you have to move it around. So with this saw you can do just that without getting back issues or having someone else help you to do it because let’s face it no one wants to be bothered about carrying a saw across the room.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Good looking
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • Miter gauge isn’t the best
  • Long set up time
  • Needs careful safety measures

[checkon_general asin=”B00J21SL6S” affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B000J0BG7W” affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”3. DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Good Performance Motor – Stand – Adjustable Blade”]

I’m sure as we all know by now, Dewalt has proven itself worthy to all of us. Let’s take another trip down Dewalt lane and see what it offers this time. May I introduce the Dewalt D24000S. And no it is not the name of a spaceship.

It is a strong tool and gets the job done immaculately. It can slant to a 45-degree angle and is great for tiling. There is a powerful motor with 1Horse Power that helps get the job done quicker and it has an attachable stand which is great for stability purposes.

It is a lightweight at a mere 24 pounds, and the dimensions are 22 by 18 by 8.5 inches. I would highly recommend this electric wet tile saw because trust me it will not disappoint.

Good Performance Motor

One of the users’ favorite features is the motor. It powers the machine strongly enough to get work done faster and better. The fact that it is of 1HP is another big plus. This means that your work would get done at a faster time. Not only this but it produces very little noise and it has no flammable fuels. Safety first folks! So it is a good thing that it also contributes to the safety of the working area.


While dealing with a machine like his, we know that safety is very important. With stability comes safety. Which is why this tool comes with a stand to help you get more accurate cuts. We as humans are adviced not to spend too much time siting down. So when you have a stand and you’re working upright, you might just reduce blood pressure and back pain which is one of the most common complaints of our day and age.

Adjustable Blade

Ok so picture this. You have a bunch of tiles to cut and all of them at odd angles. Have no fear, the adjustable blade is here. If you want to cut a tile to fit in a corner or to fit is an extremely delicate area, the adjustable blade would make life much easier for you because with it you can cut at your desired preference and get accurate cuts while at it too.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Cuts great
  • Can adjust blade
  • Strong motor
  • Has a stand
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • Tray moves about
  • Needs careful manual reading
  • Maintenance
  • Alignment issues

[checkon_general asin=”B000J0BG7W” affid=”pennind05-20″] [productbox_general asin=”B003BVW5NU” affid=”pennind05-20″ productname=”4. DEWALT DWC860W 4-3/8-Inch Wet/Dry Masonry Saw” imageurl=”” productsummary=”Precise Saw – Water Regulator – Fast”]

Weighing in at only 9 pounds we have the Dewalt DWC860W. Now this is what is call revolutionary. Its wattage is at 1300, and the cutting diameter is 4. Inches. Oh did I mention it weighs 9 pounds?

It has a lock on the switch so it does not take a rocket scientist to operate this tool. There’s a powerful 12.5-amp motor which is what aids it to do what it does best and can cut through granite, porcelain, and concrete.

Built in is also a 13-inch water regulator which keeps the machine cool and as mentioned can cut through tough stone materials. So go ahead and get you one of these bad boys!

Precise Saw

The saw will help you get the work done in the shortest time possible. Not only is it powerful but it does great precise jobs which is why this feature stands out from the rest. You would need a saw that does the proper job on a delicate surface like tiles. And not only that but you would need accurate cuts. So owning a tool with a good saw will definitely take the edge off (literally) getting precise cuts.

Water Regulator

The water regulator is there to the user’s preference, and best believe it is one of this saw’s best features. It is 13 inches long and works at a reasonable pressure. Here’s a fun fact about a tile saw. It does not have blades like a normal saw. The blades are actually coated in diamonds to grind away the tile. Didn’t know that one did you? Well that is why it is very important to get a saw with a good water regulator.


Time is money. That’s what they say. I don’t know who ‘they’ are but hey couldn’t be more right. Once you have your mind set to do something, it is just human nature to want the results as soon as possible. With this saw, you will get those results in record time, and it is up to you to determine whether they would be positive or negative right? So having a tool that saves you time is very appealing.

[pros heading=”h4″ title=”Pros”]
  • Powerful
  • Fast
  • The saw
  • Comfortable
  • Lock on switch
[/pros][cons heading=”h4″ title=”Cons”]
  • No carrying bag
  • Noisy
  • Would need careful attention
  • Saw is extremely dangerous

[checkon_general asin=”B003BVW5NU” affid=”pennind05-20″]


Keep these pointers in mind when working with any wet tile saw:

  1. Always wear the appropriate safety gear when working (goggles, working gloves, overalls)
  2. Make sure you inspect the machine before starting on a new job. Check to remove any stuck materials from the previous job.
  3. Maintenance is key. Service your machine as indicated in the manual. Alternatively you can take to your local repairshop to have it checked.
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