6 Steps To Re-stringing Electric Weed Eater Properly

Restring Electric Weed Eater

Re-stringing an electric weed eater can seem stressful and time consuming; you may think that each model of an electric weed eater has a different method of eating weeds and being re-strung but this is not true. For the most part all electric weed eaters have the same body type; the same aspects and or features, the same nylon-like string used to do the trimming with and the same way to re-string it for the most part, amongst plenty of other things as well.

Electric string trimmers are honestly one of the more popular types of weed whackers that are out there; such as the gas powered weed eaters or the battery powered weed eaters. They all do the same thing, they cut the weeds but they all do it in a different way. They all also have their own set of pros and cons, with that being said the electric weed eater is the one that always stands out on top.

Restring Electric Weed Eater
Restring Electric Weed Eater

Kinds of Electric String Trimmers

Most consumers do not know that there is more than one kind of electric string trimmer; the more popular version and well-known type of electric weed eater is the one that has a chord and gets plugged into an outlet. But too much of everyone’s’ surprise there is also a cordless version of the electric weed eater available on the market. The price tag between the two is a rather large difference but to consumers the cordless electric weed eater is more worth it because to them the only con to the corded electric weed eater is the chord itself.

Either kind of electric weed eater does have the same problem of needing to have the string replaced, when it breaks, when it becomes tangled and or when it dulls out with constant use of it. The string needs to stay sharp and needs to stay pulled out a certain length to guarantee a well-groomed yard with each and every use. The average length that string should be pulled out is about twelve inches; this is enough to clear wide areas with one sweep back and forth as well as to work in tighter and or trickier areas such as near rocks, curves, pathways, trees and buildings.

Steps to Re-Stringing an Electric Weed Eater

Step One

Begin by having the trimmer unplugged or if it is the cordless one, remove the battery pack. This is done so the piece of equipment does not begin while you are working on it.

Step Two

Next you need to place the trimmer in an upside-down position so you have better access to the spool of string. Remove the spool of string, to do this press in the two tabs that are holding it into place (this is if a cover is present in the first place).

Step Three

While you are removing the spool of string from the trimmer you need to do so by firmly pressing on the ‘tap’ button which is found on the bottom of the spool. When you are pressing this button in slide the spool off of the spindle in one swift motion.

Step Four

Once you have removed the old spool of string you will then need to replace it with a new spool of string. You can either use a spool of string that is pre-strung or you can re-string the spool that you have. Re-stringing the older spool takes more time but tends to save a little bit of money. To re-string the old spool you will need to place one end of the string into the line of the trimmer where the anchor hole is and then wind the string up clockwise. Only use string that is the same thickness of the string that was originally used on the piece of equipment and keep in mind that the string should be about the same length as the old string as well.

Step Five

Take the end of the trimmer that is free and line the line through the opening of the exit hole which is found on the hub of the housing spool area. The notch in the spool should be perfectly aligned with the exit hole to ensure that it will go where it needs to go and nowhere else.

Step Six

Lastly you will need to press the spool of string directly into place, you will know it is in its’ proper place when you hear a slight click. The click is designed for safety so you know that is in place or not. If your version of the electric weed eater has a cover that goes over the spool of string then you just need to replace the cover once you have the spool of string reinserted properly.

Once the spool is inserted back into place and everything is aligned and the cover is on, if one is needed, then you are good to go and tackle your yard to demolish every last weed that you see.

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