Installing New Trimmer Line Can Be Rather Complicated, Or Is It?

Installing line on an electric weed eater is the same thing as re-stringing an electric weed eater; it is just another way to describe it and or mention it. The methods are pretty much identical with a few differences here and there; mainly based upon the type of electric weed eater that you have, whether it is corded or cordless and then as well as the type of manufacturer that your own electric weed eater came from. Certain makers of electric weed eaters have more to offer to customers than what other makers of electric weed eaters have to offer to consumers. All of this is what makes or break a product and company in itself; the more popular ones are the more well-known ones and the more commonly used ones.

Maintaining and restringing an electric weed eater is a lot easier than what most people seem to think that it is. The average consumer does not really need help with the process of installing new line into their electric weed eater; all they really need to do is to refresh themselves on the steps of re-stringing the electric string trimmer in the first place before they get started.

Installing New Trimmer Line
Installing New Trimmer Line

Basic Information on Electric Weed Eaters

An electric weed eater is a heavy duty garden tool that is designed for you to trim parts of your yard that are rather hard to reach with other pieces of yard equipment such as a lawnmower. The main purpose of a weed eater, which is also known as a weed whacker or as a string trimmer, is to cut down all of the weeds that there are in the yard and it can do so within just a few minutes.

It is common for the string to hit rocks, fences, posts, etc.; this is recommended to avoid as much as possible because it can dull the string and hurt the weed eater. It can also cause other damage such as hitting a rock and sending the rock into a window or something else. This is also why it is so highly suggested for the string to always be pulled out a certain length. The average length that the string should be pulled out at is twelve inches long. With that being said it is important to know that the spool of string within the electric weed eater is either going to be a complete length of three hundred feet or a complete length of nine hundred feet.

The size of the line in the electric weed eater is the other thing that you need to keep in mind; you need to make sure that you are using the same thickness of a wire as well as the same length of the old wire. For all electric string trimmers the size of the wire ranges from 0.065 inches to 0.095 inches. To verify the size, thickness and length of the wire you can easily look it up online or in your owner’s’ manual.

Steps to Installing New Wire in an Electric Weed Eater

Step One

Remove the cover that goes over the spool if there is one; to do this you need to push the lock in and turn the spook in a counter clockwise motion and then pull at the same time while you are removing the cover.

Step Two

Look for a lock ring; this is also labeled as the security device; if there is one you need to remove it.

Step Three

Next find the automatic feed button and remove that.

Step Four

Remove all of the debris; this includes weeds, grass, dirt and anything else that may be stuck in the weed eater.

Step Five

Remove the spool; push it down and pull it out. There may or may not be some locking tabs that you need to push in before removing it.

Step Six

Now you need to wrap the line; feeding the spool is how you put more line into the weed whacked. Keep inserting it until it reaches the top of the chamber. Once the right length is back inside of the machine make sure the line is secure.

Step Seven

Once you have the line completely secured in then you can put the spool back into its proper location. Then put the line in both eye holes and snap everything into place. Pull the lines at the same time and if you have a locking ring to but back in do so now.

These steps are all very easy to follow and work well with any and all electric weed eaters. Maintaining your string trimmer and keeping everything in check will make it last longer and keep it like it is brand new. Follow the above mentioned steps to properly install a new line into an electrical weed eater.

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