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Best Garden Hose Reel

If you’ve tripped over a water hose lying on the lawn or kinked the hose when trying to unwind the tangles, then you know why purchasing a garden hose reel could be an excellent idea. Hose reels keep the garden tidy, make it easy to reel a hose, and have the hose conveniently close to the spigot.

The retractable mechanisms of a hose reel will wind and unwind the water hose in such a manner that it doesn’t kink or twist but rolls up evenly. Your hose may last longer, and you’ll save water because there’s no water dripping that you didn’t notice. It is also out of the way of bike wheels, lawnmowers, and weed trimmers.  

Our reviews are all below – but if you are looking for an American-made all-metal garden reel of the highest quality, we recommend you check out the Eley Free-Standing Reel.  It’s built like a tank and once you set it where you want it I’d expect you will never think about it again.  It’ll just give you years of trouble-free use.

Quality might not be the most important to you as you search for a hose reel.  Maybe it’s the type of hose reel, or value is more important.  

Fear not. We’ve created a list of the best garden hose reels by different features to help you select the one that fits your needs.

Best Garden Hose Reels

High-quality construction, drinking-safe materials

If you want to buy a lawn hose reel and not have to worry about it giving you any issues for decades to come, Eley-brand products are a great choice.  The Eley Free-Standing Garden Hose Reel lives up to the brand reputation for quality.

Constructed of all-metal materials with a bronze powder-coat finish, this hose reel is built to last.  That’s why Eley is able to give a 10-Year, No-Break, No-Rust guarantee on this product.  You’ll likely move before you’ll need to shop for another reel for your backyard hose.

The high-quality components are also rated safe to drink from.  Some hose-holders are made of parts that leech chemicals or harbor bacteria and other germs.  Not the Ely Free-Standing Garden Hose Reel.  The fittings are made from lead-free brass, so there’s no chance of accidentally ingesting lead.   You’ll still need to make sure your hose is safe, but if it is you’ll be able to drink out of the hose like we did as kids without worrying about your health.

This model is the free-standing one which means you can move it if you want at a later date.  Weighing 23 pounds, it’s unlikely it will tip over easily.  If you are looking for wall-mount or wheeled-portable hose model, Eley does have those available too.  For most people, a free-standing model should fit their needs well.


· The hose stand is freestanding and portable to place anywhere you need it.

· This reel won’t rust – and the all-metal construction means it should hold up to decades of normal use.

· It can be brought inside quickly and easily for storage in the winter months.


  • It’s more expensive than other lower-quality hose reels.  
RL FloMaster 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel
RL Flomaster
The RL FloMaster Retractable Hose Reel is one of the best retractable hose reels with a modern look. It has all the features you would want in a hose reel, and it is removable, which is a bonus that you won’t necessarily consider when buying. When winter comes, and you want to store your hose reel, you’ll be glad it is removable and has a handle to carry it to a storage place in the garage or shed.The 5/8” 65-feet hose is a comfortable length for smaller gardens that don’t require all that length. It unwinds by pulling it to the required length. When retracting, an automatic guide ensures that the hose doesn’t overlap inside the hose reel creating uneven pressure and weight on the hose and reel. The spring-loaded hose retracts slow and steady and stops with the locking stopper.The mounting hardware is included, and the hose reel swivels laterally to accommodate reaching all areas of the garden without forcing the hose around a corner. The hose is fitted with brass fittings and an 8-pattern adjustable spray nozzle.


  • The retractable hose reel has a modern design with all the features required in a hose reel.
  • It is removable from the wall mounting to store during winter months.
  • The hose unwinds by pulling it, and retraction is slow and steady automatic rewind with a locking stopper.


  • It is designed for a 65-feet hose, which may be too short for more extensive gardens.
Liberty Garden 871-1-4 Wheel Hose Reel Cart
Liberty Garden Products

If you’re tired of lugging around a 5/8” 250-feet hose, then the Liberty Garden Hose Reel Cart will take the weight off your back. With four 8-inch pneumatic tires, you’ll comfortably push the garden hose to where you need it. The four-wheel cart’s maneuverability transports the heavy hose anywhere on your farm, large residential property, or for commercial landscaping.  

A 13-gauge steel frame ensures a sturdy and steady cart and reel to hold the water hose (isn’t included in the purchase). With a durable powder coated finish that is weather-resistant, the four-wheel garden hose reel cart may last for a long time.

The handle grip is non-slip, which helps when your hands are wet, and you want to reel in the hose. The 5-feet leader hose and the galvanized brass fixtures are included. A 90-degree brass swivel connector assists in running the reel and wrapping the water hose after usage.

A basket is conveniently attached to hold nozzles, connectors, and other garden tools you may need.


  • The four 8″ pneumatic tires transport the cart and hose around your home garden or farm.
  • The garden hose reel cart is sturdy and may carry a 250-feet hose to water large areas.
  • Non-Slip handle grips make it easy to reel the hose when hands are wet.


  • The cart requires assembly.
Liberty Garden 707 Garden Guide Hose Reel
Liberty Garden Products

The Liberty Garden 707 Garden Guide Hose Reel is a decorative garden hose reel that mounts to the wall. Neatly mounted against the wall, the hose reel is beautiful to look at with its antique style. To complete the pretty picture, add potted plants to the shelf on top of the garden hose reel.

Alternatively, use the shelf as handy storage for hose nozzles, attachments, and garden tools. Then you don’t need to search for the hose nozzles, and you don’t lose them because you can’t remember where you placed it.

A hose guide rolls and unrolls your hose and can hold a 5/8″ hose up to 125-feet in length. The longer hose allows you to water the flowerbed at the edge of the garden that a shorter hose can’t reach. The mechanism rolls the hose and evenly distributes it across the cylinder avoiding too much pressure on one end with uneven winding and unwinding of the hose.

The guide hose reel is constructed from heavy gauge cast aluminum that is rust-resistant. Fixtures are brass/galvanized, and it has a durable powder coat finish to last for a long time. A 5-feet leader hose is included in the purchase but notes the water hose or the mounting hardware.


  • A stylish antique design with a shelf for potted plants adds a decorative element to your garden.
  • Heavy-gauge cast aluminum construction is rust-resistant, and with a durable powder-coated finish, it will last for years.
  • It can hold a 125-feet hose to reach the far corners of your garden.


  • The hose and mounting hardware aren’t included in the purchase.


The Goodyear Air Compressor / Water Hose Reel is a hybrid hose reel that functions as a hose to water your garden or as an air hose attached to your air compressor. If you’re looking for the convenience of pumping inflatable tires or the guest mattress at home, then this is the best hybrid air-hose reel to use.

The retractable no-memory polymer 3/8” hose is 50 feet long and pushes 300 psi air. An auto-guide rewind system retracts the hose smoothly without any kinks. At the desired length, the locking mechanism locks the hose so that no excess hose that you don’t need unwinds.

The no-memory feature avoids not only kinks but allows you to use the hose in extreme temperatures from cold 40 degrees Fahrenheit to a hot 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Connections are solid brass, and a secure seal to the water nozzle avoids leakage and saves on water usage.

A heavy-duty blue casing made from polypropylene is lightweight if you need to carry it. When mounted to the wall or ceiling, it swivels 180 degrees to reach all directions when watering the garden.


  • The hose reel can be used as a water hose or for compressed air to inflate tires or clean a surface.
  • An auto-guide system rewinds the hose smoothly, avoiding kinks.
  • The decorative blue casing mounts against a wall or ceiling with a 180 degrees swivel bracket to reach all directions of the garden.


  • If you don’t have an air compressor, it’s additional costs to utilize the air hose.


TomCare Garden Hose Holder Hose Stand

If you’re too lazy to roll up your hose but don’t want it lying on the lawn where someone can trip over it, then the TomCare Garden Hose Holder Hose Stand is the perfect solution for you. The hose stand is the ideal hose organizer that keeps the hose safe and out of the way of lawnmowers and kids tripping over it.

You don’t have to drill holes into your wall or buy brackets to mount the hose against the wall. Stick the three anchor points into the ground, and you’re ready to water your garden. No irritation, because you mounted the hose reel on the wrong wall or at an inconvenient height for some family members. The hose stand is freestanding, so you can move it around as you please.

The hose stand is made of a sturdy metal that is rustproof and can withstand the weight of a 100-feet water hose. After use, simply hang the hose over the hose hanger.

Installation is quick and easy. During the winter months, the hose stand is taken apart to minimize storage space. To match your outdoor décor, you can paint the garden hose stand the same color. Alternatively, place it behind a bush or tree if you want it out of your view.


  • The hose stand is freestanding and portable to place anywhere you need it.
  • The hose organizers keep the hose out of the way and tidy.
  • It disassembles quickly for storage purposes during the winter months.


  • It may rust if left outside during the winter.
AMES 2388340 RealEasy Side Mount Reel

The neutral color of the AMES 2388340 RealEasy Side Mount Hose Reel blends in with your wall and isn’t a bulky protruding object you can bump into coming around the corner. The hose reel is fully assembled for mounting, and then you can forget about it until you want to water your garden.

The garden hose reel holds up to 5/8 inches 100-feet hose with an integrated hose guide for reeling the hose. The spin grip turns smoothly to wind the hose evenly and efficiently. Then attach the nozzle to the hose clip for safe storage, avoiding the hose from dangling and hitting against the wall.

It is sturdy and not designed to move around from spigot to spigot because it’s too heavy. The side mount reel is one of the best mount hose reels that keeps the hose tidy, but out of the way when not in use.

Make sure you purchase the metal hose reel and not the plastic one if you want a sturdy side mount garden hose reel.


  • The neutral color blends in with the outside wall of the house.
  • The hose reel winds effortlessly up to 100-feet hose with a hose clip to attach the nozzle.


  • The metal side mount is too heavy to move it around from spigot to spigot continuously.

Hose Reel Buying Guide:

What Features To Look For When Buying A Garden Hose Reel

What are the different types of hose reels?

The three main types of garden hose reels are wall mounted hose reels, freestanding hose reels, and hose boxes.

Wall Mounted Hose Reels

Wall-mounted hose reels are often constructed with sturdier metals than portable hose reels, which makes them more cumbersome and not ideal for portability. The garden hose reel mounts against an outside wall, ceiling, or against the garage wall.

Some wall mounted garden hose reels have swivel brackets allowing the hose reel to turn in the direction you want to water the lawn. The mounted reels differ in the hose length capacity they can accommodate. Make sure that the hose is the right length to carry the distances from the fixed hose reel to the end of the garden.

Freestanding Hose Reels

Freestanding hose reels are designed with lighter in weight materials for ease of portability. These hose reels can be moved to any place of the garden and don’t require mounting or other types of assembly. They usually have wheels to push the cart or spikes that are inserted into the ground.

When winter comes, the freestanding hose reels may be taken apart to take less storage place. Other freestanding reels may be carted to the garage where the water hose is stored with it during the winter months.  

Hose Boxes

Hose Boxes are covered hose reels that protect the hose from sunlight exposure and winter frost when not in use. Your water hose may last longer because it won’t crack or wear out as quickly when protected against the elements. 

Some hose boxes may be lightweight and portable, whereas others stay in one place adding to the garden décor; the box design hides the water hose, and the crank handle is detachable and stored inside the box. Hose boxes have similar features than other hose reels; you can manually wind the hose with a crank handle, or it has a retractable mechanism.

Capacity? How many feet of the hose can it hold?

The capacity of the garden hose reel is vital. Can you imagine mounting a beautiful reel that supports 65-feet of a hose and you need at least 100-feet to reach the end of your garden? Check the length capacity of hose the hose reel can handle before buying one.

If you wind a hose that is longer than recommended, you could break the retracting mechanism. The water hose may kink, or too uneven retracting may result in an uneven rolling, which may cause too much weight on certain parts of the hose and the reel.

Leader hose

A leader hose is typically included in the package when purchasing a garden hose reel. It looks like a short water hose and is the attachment piece that connects your hose reel to your water supply. It is also used in tight places or for areas where you need a short water hose.

Portability of Hose Reels

If you are going to use the same hose reel at the front and back garden, then portability comes into play. When choosing a portable garden hose reel, consider the material used to construct the reel. It should be a lightweight material like plastic so that it isn’t too heavy to carry around.

A portable hose reel may not be as beneficial for a large garden. The hose adds extra weight. If you prefer a portable hose reel, then choose a hose cart with pneumatic tires that helps you transport the water hose from one spigot to the next.

Auto-retracting and Retractability

Retractable hose reels are essential when you use a long water hose, or you have a large garden. You will save on energy and strength when the hose mechanism retracts the hose for you. You don’t need the power to turn a crank handle or roll the hose manually.

Auto-retracting hose reel requires even less effort. A tug on the hose and the hose reel retracts until it stops with the lock mechanism. People who have back issues or don’t have the physical strength can water areas of their garden with the retractable hose reel that they usually can’t reach because of their physical condition.

FAQ About Garden Hose Reels

How to put a hose on a hose reel

Attach the water hose and start winding it on the drum reel. Work slow and steady to ensure you turn the hose evenly across the reel. If you’re in a hurry and wind the water hose unevenly, it may cause kinks and tangles in the same manner as rolling up a hose without a hose reel.

How to Hook up a hose reel.

Straighten the water hose, ensuring there are no kinks or bends in the new hose. A straight hose winds up better and more evenly avoiding unnecessary kinks or pressure. The female end of the hose must be inserted into the guide opening and connect it to the water coupling on the hose reel’s inner drum. Gentle tighten with pliers to avoid water wastage with leakage at the connections.

How to wind up a water hose

Detach the sprinklers and spigots from the water hose. Straighten the length of the water hose and wait for it to drain completely. Start at the faucet side of the hose. Lift the hose and drop it into its natural coil. Wind the hose in even-sized coils; use your arms or a round object for even coiling.

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