Easy Steps To Repair Inefficient Engine Of Weed Eater

Sometimes your weed eater engine can be choked or damaged while in use. But nothing to worry about, you can easily repair your inefficient weed eater engine and bring it back in use with simple five steps. Gas powered weed eaters are relatively much easier to repair than electric power weed eaters. Moreover, gas powered weed eaters are comparatively more durable than any other. If your gas powered weed eater is not running properly, you need to follow few steps to make it back to its running condition. Here is an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to repair inefficient engine of the weed eater:

Step 1: Analyse the Condition of the Engine

There are several reason why gas powered weed eaters get choked or stalled while in use. Low fuel level, dirty filter, faulty electric system and other reasons may cause problems to your engine from starting. The first thing that you should do is try to find the root cause of problem. Try to turn your weed eater engine on and find if there is some activity in the engine. If you are using pull string of the weed eater, pull the string and see if the engine attempts to start or make some unusual activity. Make an observation of any unusual activity of the engine. On the other hand, if you are using one of those newer models with on and off switches, you just need to switch the engine on. You may experience some difficulty to start a frozen engine but an engine that gasps before it gets dead is easier to handle.

Easy Steps To Repair Inefficient Engine Of Weed Eater
Easy Steps To Repair Inefficient Engine Of Weed Eater

Step 2: Take Off The Filter

Before doing anything else, you have to check the air filter of your weed eater. It is one of the most critical issue because if it  has a broad opening then  engine will get too much air and if it is tightly closed, no air will pass through and your engine might get stalled. So it is very important that engine must get enough and proper amount of air. You will have to make sure that your engine gets enough air to stay alive, and then install the filter properly. After installing the filter, turn on the weed eater and see if it is still choking or not. If it is running smoothly, that means that you are going in a right direction. If that is not the case, you will have to check the other parts of the weed eater. There might be any possibility that some other parts are causing the problem.

Step 3: Check The Fuel Tank

If your weed eater sputters first and then dies, there is a likely possibility that engine is running short of fuel. Check your fuel gauge of the machine to get the real position of the engine whether it is having sufficient fuel or not. If enough fuel is available in the engine but still machine is not running, check out the fuel tube. Sometimes it the fuel tube is dislocated by accident or gets damaged depriving the engine of energy.  If this is the case, you will have to replace the fuel tube.

Step 4: Check The Spark Plug And Spark Wire

If spark plug is damaged or improperly installed, it may cause problems in starting up your engine. Remove that spark plug and put a new one and make sure that all electrical connections in your engine are properly installed and are in running condition.

Step 5: Check The Screws

There are two type of screws in the weed eater machine, the high and the low screws. These screws can be the root of your problems. You will have to check properly that the high and the low screws must be at their positions. Turn the both type of screws in opposite directions with the half turns and see what happens. It is seen that the engine usually starts if you hit the right setting.

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