How to Find the Best Electric Weed Eater

Electric weed eaters come in all different kinds, sizes and varieties; for starters, one would get rid of all of their weeds in their yard by using a trimmer that ran off gas and then there was the weed eater that was battery powered. The corded trimmer, which is also known as the electric trimmer, is the most popular one used by consumers from all over. It works great on both small weeds and large weeds, even some tough to reach and thick underbrush if need be.

The gas powered weed eater quickly fell out of style because people did not like having to mix the gas with the oil and the vibrations from using it after just a few minutes was enough to drive you crazy and mad your muscles ache with pain. The battery powered weed eater was a lot better but the life of the battery never lasted that long; with that being said it was a lot less heavy to hold and carry around and it was a lot quieter when in use than the gas one.

An electric weed eater is handy and ideal for small areas but when you have a lot of space to work in the chord from the trimmer, itself can get in the way. To help find the best electric weed eater for you to use compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages that are mentioned below. After reading this information or visiting our homepage to read best weed eater reviews, you should be able to easily find what you are looking for in the stores and get to work on your property in little to no time at all.

Electric Weed Eater Introduction
Electric Weed Eater is handy and ideal for small areas

How to Find the Best Electric Weed Eater for You and Your Job

A few advantages of Electric Weed Eaters

  • It is very easy to carry around because it is so light in weight. This type of weed eater is known to be the lightest kind out there because it does not have a motor on the inside of it nor does it work off batteries. Overall, this kind of weed eater pretty much only weighs about four or five pounds altogether.
  • The sounds of silence are what you will hear when using it. Not much noise is made when turned on or when in use which is the opposite of battery powered weed eaters. Because it is so quiet, you can easily use it for trimming early in the morning or late at night without having to worry about whether or not you are bothering the neighbors.
  • Power is exactly what this weed eater possesses. When you are using an electric weed eater you will have its maximum power at all times when it is turned on whereas with the battery powered one you get less and less power as the battery dies out which makes cutting even one blade of grass difficult to do.
  • Efficiency is one of the best results you will always see. A gas powered weed eater or a battery powered one both need some extra attention when using them, this includes having to change out the batteries and or adding more gas and oil just to finish a simple job. An electric weed eater can get everything done at once as long as the path is clear and you have enough length in the cord to work with.

A few disadvantages of Electric Weed Eaters

  • The cord – The cord is what makes the electric weed eater the best but also the biggest nuisance, the cord is what limits the length for the weed eater to reach but this is where an extension cord comes in handy. If companies could make a trimmer with the power and lightweight of an electric weed eater without the cord, they would.
  • Less power for a wider cut – A plug in trimmer does the best out of them but when it comes to owning a lot of property or running a small lawn care business; this is not the type of weed eater to rely on. You will more than likely need to go to a gas powered weed eater so you can have a lot of power behind the cut and rely on it for acre after acre that you have to clear out.
  • A power source is needed for use – An electric weed eater is meant for small lawns outdoors and to help with pathways or this and that but more and more consumers are finding that they cannot use it because they do not have a supply of power outdoors.

Conclusion to Electric Weed Eaters

Overall, electric weed eaters are very powerful, cheap, lightweight and well worth it for a long variety of reasons. Just like with everything else in life there are a few cons to set you back; the cons for an electric weed eater are not that big of a deal and are very easy to work with and or solve completely. You can start looking at your local hardware stores or online for what is available and where as well as for how much. Choose what goes with you and your yard, you do not need more than you can handle but you do need something that will get the job done right.

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