Properly Using an Electric Weed Eater

Cut The Weeds and Do The Yard

An electric weed eater is also commonly known as a weed whacker and or as a string trimmer; using one can seem complicated. Fear not below is all you need to know about electric weed eaters and how to use one properly. As well as some tips that make weed whacking a lot safer and smarter. We all know that cutting the weeds and doing the yard are the essential summer chores, it is not hard to do but just not that enjoyable. Read on to learn how to better use your time and make it easier on yourself, your weed eater and your yard.

Cut The Weeds and Do The Yard
Cut The Weeds and Do The Yard

The Three Basic Steps to Using an Electric Weed Eater

Step 1

First things first you need to gather what you need and get it all ready. This means for an electric weed eater to plug it into the best outlet possible and make sure you have enough chord and extension cords to use based on how big your yard is and how much weed eating you have to get done. When you plug it in you want to make sure you can get the whole job done without having to stop to move to another outlet or to add more chord; you just want to get the job done right and to get it done so the first time around.

Step 2

Next thing you need to do is find a comfortable position to hold the electric weed eater in. This should be done before you even turn the piece of equipment on. With that being said you should always hold the string trimmer as low as you can to the ground. Keep that in mind, that the closer you are to the ground than the better off you are.

Step 3

Lastly, once you have found your perfectly comfortable position in which is close to the ground you can then turn the electric weed eater on. After you have it turned on begin weeding by moving from side to side, holding the machine’s’ blades at a steady level. Do this motion while walking forward and just continue moving forward to level out all of the weeds that there are in your yard. You should only ever walk forward when using a weed whacker; this is the safest way to use it.

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Four Important Tips for Using Electric Weed Water

Tip 1

Before you begin weed whacking if you have rocks in your yard you should remove them. This should be done for several reasons; one of which is that the rocks will where down the nylon that is on the cutting thread a lot faster than it normally would be worn out. This means you will have to replace this part of the electric weed eater a lot. The other reason is because if you accidentally hit a rock a certain way you can send it flying, either to hurt someone or break something. You should also avoid going near bricks, fencing and anything else that does not contain weeds.

Tip 2

When you are cutting your weeds and you begin to notice that the weeds are not being cut when you are walking over them just stop and get some more thread out. Some weed whackers have a button that you can push to let more thread out whereas others you have to pull the thread out manually. It is best recommended to get out about six inches of thread before you continue on with weeding the yard. Also cutting towards the bottom of the weeds means the job will get done faster and you won’t have to waste said time taking a large plant and or weed out any other way than from the bottom.

Tip 3

While you are weed whacking if you begin to feel any kind of strain from the electric weed eater or from you than stop using it for a few minutes. A few minutes is all the piece of equipment will need in order to cool down a bit before finishing the job but holding the weed whacker for a long period of time can be painful to your spine as well as your arms. If you overdo it you can end up hurting for a few days after you have finished the job in the first place. If desired you could wear a back brace when weed whacking for hours at a time. This may sound insane but all of the support that the brace will give you is enough to save yourself from the pain of all of the strain.

Tip 4

Cutting the weeds right down to the ground is not wise to do at all for several reasons. Not only will it result in you wasting a ton of Nylon cord but your yard will look absolutely horrible for all of the dirt that you will have also sliced up when trying to attack the weeds. When using the electric weed eater cut everything to at least two inches from the ground and if you really want it shorter than that or more even you will have to break out your lawn mower to finish the rest of the job. With that being said two inches is not that high, it will not be that noticeable in the yard and when it comes time to mow the yard again you can cut it like normal grass.

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