How To Make Your Electric Weed Eater Last Longer Than Its Recommended Life Expectancy

Providing a regular maintenance schedule on your electric weed eater is what will cause it to be able to last a lot longer than what its recommended life expectancy is. Most electric weed eaters come with a warranty of some kind and for the most part you can get things fixed under that but when the warranty goes it seems like everything that can go bad seems to always happen at once. Keep up with regular maintenance on your piece of equipment as mentioned within the owner’s manual and with all of the information that is listed below; for example always cleaning your electric weed eater before and after each and every single use.

How To Make Your Electric Weed Eater Last Longer
How To Make Your Electric Weed Eater Last Longer

With that being said it also comes in handy to know that most warranties that are supplied with the electric weed eaters when bought is that for the warranty to be eligible and cover the item you need to keep up with proper maintenance and cleaning of it in the first place. This mainly means two different things; these two different things are repairs and preventative care measures.

Preventative Care

Every electrical equipment needs periodic maintenance as well as daily care. These weed eaters are no exception. Proper and timely maintenance will keep your machine in good shape and increase its durability.

Proper care of your electric weed eater is more than likely all outlined and described in full detail within the pages of your owner’s manual; there should be a certain section within the manual talking about the model that you have and what all you need to check and do and when you need to check it and do it. To be a bit more specific this section discusses air filters, fuel filters, proper performance, proper cleaning, spark plugs and more.

Spark Plugs

  • When the spark plugs are bad on the electric weed eater it can cause it to not start up at all or even stop while you are in the middle of using it.
  • Wait until the engine is cool to the touch and then clean the area around where the spark plugs are. While you are cleaning this area you can easily tell if the spark plugs need to be replaced or not.
  • If the spark plugs do need to be replaced then simply follow the instructions that are laid out in the manual when you go to return the spark plugs back to the machine.
Spark Plugs
Spark Plugs

Fuel Filters and Air Filters

  • Your electric weed eater could be performing badly if the filters are dirty. Dirty filters means that debris and dust can slip through and actually enter the machine.
  • The air filter can be washed and re-used most of the time; there are some air filters that need to be lightly coated with some oil before replacing back into the machine.
  • When the fuel filter is dirty then it more than likely really does need to be replaced, this is best recommended and most suggested for all models of electric weed eaters.

Proper Cleaning and Proper Performance

  • Not much needs to be done other than the basics. With that being said keep in mind if you are at a higher elevation than normal than you need to adjust the idle speed accordingly.
  • The driveshaft connection area will need some extra greasing.
  • The owner’s manual should show both of the above mentioned processes.
  • You can easily clean your electric weed eater with some soap and warm water. When you are done washing it off and cleaning all of the parts, you need to make sure that everything is completely dry before you put it all back together again.


It is human tendency to daily clean any equipment when it is new. As the time passes, we tend to lose interest on it and stop maintaining it. This is one of the main reasons why the longevity of any machine is decreased. When a machine undergoes regular wear and tear, it naturally needs maintenance.

When it comes to your electric weed eaters and repairs, if it needs one and it is still under warranty then you should let the professionals do what they are best at and fix it for you. That would be the simplest thing to do. However if you no longer have the ally of a warranty then have no fear and believe that you can actually make the repairs yourself. In order to properly prepare whatever needs to be fixed all you need to do is understand exactly what needs to be fixed and then fix it. Research will be your best friend in this process as well as a small trial and error process.

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