How to String a Dual-Sided Weed Eater Spool

String A Weed whacker With 2 Holes

Weed eaters come in different shapes and sizes.  One of those differences is the number of sides on a spool. 

Your weed eater comes with either a single-sided spool or a dual-sided one. Manufacturers have their own specs on how the trimmer line should be loaded on the spool, what direction should it be wound, or if the lines should be wrapped in just one direction. 

The manufacturer manual is your friend here!

Single-sided spool weed wackers are more popular, but for thicker weeds, dual-sided spools are the way to go.  Unfortunately, two holes are a little more complicated to re-spool than one.  That’s more a commentary on how easy a single-side spool is to restring, however.

The good news is anyone a LITTLE handy can manage to restring a dual hole spool.  As long as you have the right tools and you follow the right steps for it, you can easily string the dual-sided weed eater spool.

Steps To String a Dual-side Weed Eater Spool

Step 1: Start by turning off the weed eater. Just unplug it if it is an electric corded weed eater. If it is a gas powered weed eater, simply press the off button.

Step 2: Do not immediately open the spool head, especially if you have just used the weed eater. The trimmer head might be too hot to the touch. Check every couple minutes to see how hot it is – use common sense before moving on.

Step 3: Once the trimmer head is cooled down enough, remove the spool back.  Most covers are held in by tabs – if this is the case, squeeze together the release tabs.  Some other covers are held in by screws.  If this describes your string trimmer, remove the screw. 

Remove the spool from the trimmer.

Step 4: If there is any line left on the spool, just pull it off and throw it away. Grass clippings and dirt should be cleaned away from the spool and cutting head.

Step 5: Check with the operator’s manual of your weed eater to see how much trimmer line your spool needs. A good rule of thumb to size up the length is to wind 12-15 feet worth of line. This is roughly 4-5 arm lengths of trimmer line.

Your objective is to avoid filling the spool with new line to the point that it will bulge off. A bulging off spool will never fit snugly into the cover. If the spool is under-filled, while it may not cause problems, you will be required to refill it more often.

Step 6: Fold the line you have cut into two. Take this new line and insert it  straight into the spool’s center slot, right at its folded point. Hold it in place the index finger in between the lines. Make sure to hold these lines taut with your thumb and the other fingers. Use your other hand to turn the spool. This way, the lines will wind clockwise around the spool. Also, make sure that one line is in each of the spool’s guide.

Step 7: Find the two holes where the line exits. They are usually on the outside of the spools. After winding line around the spool, you should make sure to leave approximately 12 inches of line unwound. Then, push these lines’ ends through the spool’s exit holes. There should be one line per hole.

Step 8: Slide the spool back right into the cover. When you replace the spool, make sure that the lines can still move freely. Put the cover back into the weed whacker trimmer head. The line should be trimmed to the length where they are no longer than the limiter blade on the weed eater’s shield.

Step 9: Try to turn the engine on. Turn the knob for starting the engine on the first level. Start the engine up and make it sputter to release air from the carburetor. After that, turn the knob up for a bit. This should allow the engine to fully start.

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