How to Restring a Ryobi Weed Eater

Weed Eater Jammed Head

Most homeowners appreciate the handiness of owning a weed eater.  One popular brand is Ryobi – they’ve been around for a long time and have built a reputation of affordable, quality products.

Like all string trimmers, Ryobi-branded ones eventually run out of the plastic string that is spun around at a fast rate and used to cut weeds in your lawn.  When the spool is empty, your tool will no longer work.  At this point, you need to restring your Ryobi weed eater.

Below you will find a video that will show you the steps you need to do in order to restring your backyard powertool.  If you learn better from reading, the instructions for your weed wacker are listed below the video.  I hope this helps!


Steps To Restring Your Ryobi Weed Eater

Step 1: Determine the String Size You should first identify the dimensions or thickness of the string that you are supposed to be buying. Make sure that the type of spring that you will be buying is compatible with the Ryobi weed eater that you have. This way, it will perform its function properly. Refer to the manual that came along with the weed whacker at the time of purchase. The thickness of the string that a specific model uses is typically written in the manual. You may also look at the empty spool as the string size will be printed on a sticker or directly on the spool.

Step 2: Buy Replacement String The most common string sizes that most models of weed eaters use are 0.065 inches and 0.095 inches. Once you have properly identified the correct string size that you should be using for your own weed eater, then, you are ready to purchase it. When doing so, you can go to a hardware store so that you can immediately take the product home after you make your payment. You may also opt to place an order through the website of an online retailer. However, it may take some time before you can use such item since it will need to be delivered to your shipping address.

Step 3: Prepare Your Work Area Once you already have the string in your possession, you should prepare all of the items that you will need in order to complete the task of restringing your Ryobi weed eater. These items include the string, the weed eater itself, scissors, and other necessary items. These things should be prepared at once so you do not have to look for them one by one when you will already be doing the task.

Step 4: Remove the Cap The trimmer head houses the spool and the string. In order to remove the spool, push the center knob down and unscrew it so that both the spool and the cover of the trimmer head will pop out. They should easily pop out – there is a spring below the cover which should help it pop right out.  Don’t lose the spring!

Step 5: Add String At the center of the spool, you will be seeing two holes located on opposite sides. Take an appropriate amount of string in your hand. One end of this string should be inserted into one hole and should be pulled out from the other hole. You want to make sure that the spool is at the center of the string so you must stretch it out until both sides of the spool have the right amount of string.

Step 6: Wind The Spool You should wind up the string on the direction that is stated on your spool, which could be clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on the model. The string should be wounded not too loose or not too tight. The string should be snapped into the holding notches of the spool. You can cut out the excess string but leave short amounts of string on both sides.

Step 7: Lock Down The Spool At the head of the weed eater are two holes that matches the holes on the spool. You should be inserting both ends of the string onto these two holes and lock the spool back in its place by pushing it down. Afterwards, you must tighten the center knob, too.

Hopefully these steps help you.  Of course, there are some differences between models – some have two sided strings while some use one.  If you are in doubt, consult your manual.

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  1. George Walz says:

    Don’t find anything on stringing Ryobi triimmer EU13153N130141. Can
    t even get the cap off to replace another spool of string.

  2. Yeah, George!

    Unable to unscrew the nut on the cap so as to remove it.

    You say to have all tools ready, and then don’t complete the list. I don’t see what I could use other than the weed eater, string and a scissors…perhaps a stick of dynamite? Is that the other essential item?