Maintaining An Electric Weed Eater To Be The Best And To Last

Maintaining an electric weed eater is actually similar to maintain the other kinds of weed eaters that are out there; however, the gas powered weed eater is the one that requires the most maintenance; this is because it has the most parts and mechanics involved in it. With that being said all weed eaters come with their own instruction manual that tells you what to do and when to do it as well as how to do it and why it needs to be done. This information is commonly found under the maintenance chart.

Maintaining An Electric Weed Eater
Maintaining An Electric Weed Eater

When using a weed eater it should always be done so safely and this means to perform certain tasks before even actually using it. Some information and tips on maintaining an electric weed eater are mentioned below.

Maintenance Information and Tips

  • With your electric weed trimmer you should inspect it before each and every single use, this means to do several different things. You should look over the whole thing and check for any parts that may be loose such as screws or something else. Another place you should look at is the deflector area; you want to make sure that it is not broken. Lastly you should check out the head part of your trimmer, remove any and all debris that there might be there. The electric weed eater should be completely cleaned before it is used so the job is done right again, the first time through.
  • After you have inspected the entire electric weed eater than you should start the machine up and let it run for a few minutes so it can heat up to its basic temperature for operating. Once it has warmed up you should then release the trigger for the accelerator, doing this will allow you to see that the line is not going or going at idle speed. With that being said it should not be going around at idle speed and the engine itself should not stall out at all.
  • When using the trimmer you should always run it at a normal operational speed first and see if there are any unusual vibrations. Look over the controls as well as the grips and see if anything is loose or broken; more often than not you could be missing a metal spring or a rubber anti-vibration bushing if you are experiencing unusual vibrations. Even though the shock absorbing sections do not harm the operation of the machine itself it does harm the operator because it can cause fatigue and over time other health issues. You can easily tell that you are experiencing way too much vibration if you are experiencing some numbness in your fingertips.
  • Once you are done with your weed whacking it is best recommended to let the electric weed eater cool down and then clean it out; remove all of the debris and change the screen if needed. Cleaning it when you are done using it means less for you to do to it when you go to use it the next time around.
  • At least once a week you should lubricate the base of the cutting head and anything within the gearbox so everything is running on tip top shape like it is brand new. Do the same where some grease is needed, such as putting a small amount of grease within the port and then replacing the cap back on. Just remember that the gearbox should never be completely filled up at all, ever.
  • Lastly, an electric weed eater means you should check the chord before and after each use, make sure that there has been no damage to it all. If something has happened to the wire casing than get some electrical tape and wrap it real tight so it will be like nothing even ever happened at all.

Overview of Maintaining an Electric Weed Eater

You should always keep it cleaned out, lubed up and damage free. Keeping up with the regular maintenance will ensure you a perfect weed trimming with each use and will also make your electric weed eater last a very long time. This simply means that you get way much more for your money and this is something that every consumer looks for and will pick over other similar items. Properly maintaining an electric weed eater is not hard to do and honestly takes little to no time at all to do; A few things before and after each use and one check at least once a week for proper grease amount and what not. Taking care of your yard means you have pride and you want to have that pride backed by a reliable string trimmer.

Choose the one you want the most and keep it maintained correctly with all of the information and tips that are mentioned above. Keep in mind that upon making a decision of what model to go with you want to take into consideration what all you need to trim, how long you will use it each time, how often you will use it and more. This will help you determine the length of the chord, the amount of extension cords needed, the amount of power needed, what kind of warranty to go with, the handles and other features and many other aspects as well.

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