Powersmart Brand

Power Smart USA is a relative newcomer to the power tool market.   While headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, the product is manufactured in China and elsewhere in Asia.  Their product line is distributed by Amerisun.  Many power tools from across the brand spectrum are from China, but this is essentially a new brand created in 2011.

Not having a bloated brand structure has led the company to be able to produce good products at prices often much lower than the competition.  OVerall reviews indicate most people are happy with the value proposition of the brand.

That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been growing pains in the past.  In 2018, nearly 50,000 snow blowers were recalled due to the risk of the pulley bolt loosening and causing the blower to get stuck in drive mode.  While recalls are obviously not great, the fact the company managed through the recall shows they are a real brand – and not some cheap, fly-by-night generic manufacturer.

The company has a two-year warranty on all gas products.  That drops to one year on electric products. 

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