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Great Choice For: The Convenience of Cordless Matching The Power of Gas

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Overall Score: 9.8 out of 10

What We Like:

  • A two-stage snow blower that moves heavier snow than a single-stage snow blower would but scrapes as clean and efficiently as a single-stage.  
  • Two 40 Volt lithium-ion rechargeable batteries don’t fade with the EcoSharp technology and last 30 minutes with the 5 Amp and 45 minutes with the 6 Amp batteries.   
  • The two serrated auger blades can move 13 inches of snow at 1000 pounds per minute. 
  • The illuminated control panel makes it easy to operate the snow blower by pushing buttons. 
  • The 4-speed driving system includes reverse and a fast XPORT when done for the day.   
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Compared To Other Snowblowers We Reviewed:

Wow! Just wow!

I don’t want to get all fan-boi on you, but this snowblower is a great idea.  And while Snow Joe, as a brand, seems to have a philosophy of shipping product first and working out the kinks in later model years, the 3rd generation appears to be an excellent product.

The Snow Joe iON8024-XR Cordless Two-Stage Snow Blower is a revolutionary nextgeneration snow blower. It is cordless. It has power. It doesn’t require gas. But is it worth the price?

Most cordless snow blowers are single-stage, which among other things means it’s not designed for heavy wet snow. Generally, gas snow blowers are the best for heavy wet snow. The Snow Joe iON8024-XR, however, is a two-stage snow blower, not a single-stage. It is, therefore, by far more versatile and powerful than any single-stage snow blower while keeping pace in efficiency with gaspowered snow blowers.

This snow blower is the electric choice for you if you have a gravel driveway.  Single-stage snowblowers are notorious for kicking rocks and other debris out of the intake, sometimes with expensive results.  Just trust us – if you have a gravel drive, get a two or three-stage blower.

The 2500Watt brushless motor maximizes the performance of the snow blower and optimizes the battery efficiency. With the load sensing technology, the engine power adjusts accordingly, which then increases the battery life. It ensures optimal usage of the battery to avoid wasting battery life.

The EcoSharp technology assures nofade power of the two 40 Volt rechargeable lithium batteries when the batteries discharge. The 5 Ah dual power batteries give about 30 minutes run time, whereas the 6 Ah batteries will run up to 45 minutes. You’ll be surprised how much area a person can cover in 30 minutes with the 24-inch clearing width. Some consumer reviews reported they could clear snow from 4-car wide driveways and driveways 80 to 120 feet long. With the dual charger, both batteries recharge within 2-3 hours.

A marked digital panel is easy to operate and control the speed, chute direction, and indicates how much battery life remains. The 4-speed operating system has three forward gears and a reverse that is operated with buttons on the control panel. By selecting the right speed for the snow depth and type of snow, the snow blower efficiently clears the snow using the battery power effectively.

The serrated auger can move up to 1000 pounds of snow per minute through the impeller throwing the snow as far as 32 feet. When in reverse or 3-speed XPORT mode, for rapid return after a run, the auger doesn’t engage to ensure safe maneuvering of the snow blower. On the control panel, a thumb switch allows the operator to adjust the direction of the 180-degree autorotate chute controlling where the thrown snow will land.

The ground scraper efficiently removes the snow from the ground like a one-stage would do without damaging the surface. As a two-stage snow blower, however, it can clear snow from any surfaces and isn’t limited to paved driveways. The TractAssist 13-inch tires enable the snow blower to move over rough and uneven terrain.

Gas-powered snow blowers are loud compared to electric snow blowers. The Snow Joe iON8024 is very quiet. When your neighbors see the cleared driveway, they will wonder when you moved 13 inches of snow because they didn’t hear your snow blower. They were expecting to hear the startup and noise most two-stage snow blowers make.

Ergonomically designed, the trigger grips stay in place and don’t require continuous squeezing pressure. The auger trigger is to the right and the driving trigger and chute control to the left of the handle. The operator doesn’t experience heavy vibration in hands and wrists. With the quick start, there’s no unnecessary standing in the cold while pulling a cord to start the motor or handling gas or oil.

Two 3W headlights help with visibility and for clearing snow when the sun is setting or early morning.

The snow blower has a 2-year warranty and is ETL approved.

Areas To Watch Out For:

  • Handles aren’t heated, but ergonomically triggers don’t require constant squeezing to operate.  
  • The snow blower may be expensive but offers the power and versatility of a two-stage snow blower without the noise and fumes of gas-powered motors.   
  • You do need to plan ahead to make sure you have enough charge for the amount of snow you’ll be dealing with.

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