Step By Step Guide To Rethread Weed Eater

Weed eater, a tool that facilitates you to trim the lawn and specially the area that are hard to reach, requires to be rethread when its nylon cutting string that advances automatically runs out or breaks down. The string may get damaged when hit by some strong substance such as pavement, fences, and rocks or even because of regular usage. Anything that has been in use for long is subject to break down with the passage of time. So, when the weed eater stops working because of worn out string then the string should be rethread.

It is quite easy to rethread a weed eater. However, to do so you first need to learn as to when the weed eater should be rethreaded and then how to actually restring it.

What Is The Right Times To Rethread Weed Eater?

A weed eater with a broken string will not function properly. In case, your weed eater has all of sudden stopped working then it may be because of the broken string. The string may break down because of many reasons ranging from natural wear and tear to encounter with tough stuff like rocks. To know if the string is broken you should first check the spool, located at the bottom of the weed eater. Your spool should have at least six inches of thread for the proper functioning of the weed eater.

Rethread Weed Eater
What Is The Right Times To Rethread Weed Eater?

Having realized that the weed eater has stopped functioning because of the broken string, you should buy the string to being the process of restring. String can be purchased from hardware or home improvement stores, but before shelling out money to buy it you should read the manual of the weed eater. The manual will help you in buying stringsof the right size and length for your lawn tool. Remember, if you purchase a string of a size that is larger than the manufacturer recommends then it may cause the engine of the law tool to wear out faster.

After having bought the string, prepare yourself to restring your lawn tool with the following easy to perform six steps.

Step 1: Unplug The Weed Eater

Unplug the power of the weed eater before rethreading it. If your weed eater runs on gas then tighten the gas cap to make sure that when you twist the tool the gas doesn’t leaks from it. Unplugging or tightening the gas cap of the weed eater is also essential for your safety.

Step 2: Remove The Spool Cover

Tilt the weed eater to make its bottom face you. With its bottom facing you, you will be able to see spool cover. Remove the spool cover by pushing the lock in and turning the spool in a counter-clockwise motion.

Step 3: Remove The String From The Spool

This is an important step and you will need to do it very carefully. Once you have removed the spool cover, you will be able to see spool that should also be removed in order to take out the worn out string. At the same time, you should also clean of debris from the spool with a rag. The presence of debris on the spool or thread may affect the shelf life of the new string.

Step 4: Rethreading String

Some weed eaters use pre-loaded spool. If yours is of the same kind then insert a new spool and place the spool cap. If it is not the case then load string manually by inserting the one end of the string into the center hole of the spool. Now, tightly wind it in the direction indicated by the arrow on the spool. Keep winding until the spool is full.

Step 5: Cut the Remaining String

With the help of a regular scissors, cut the unwounded string in a manner that you are left with nearly one foot of string. Now, thread the string gently into the spool head. While doing this make sure that the thread doesn’t get stuck between the rim of the spool and its head.

Step 6: Put the Spool Back

Put the spool back into position just like it was before you removed it and tighten it. Test the weed eater by turning on the power. It should now be able to trim the weed or grass just like before.

Bottom Line

Restringing weed eater is not really a difficult task given that you have understood the instructions given in the manufacturer’s manual. Each weed eater brand comes with different instruction for restringing as strings on them may vary from brand to brand. Therefore, it is important to keep manual handy when rethreading the string. A weed eater with a strong string is likely to work longer as compared with a fragile string. Therefore, make sure that you buy a strong string from a reliable manufacturer.

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