How To Empty Gas From A Snowblower

Winter is winding down and with it the need to worry about snowblowing.  Usually this is the time period most people are trying to remember how to drain the gas tank and prepare their snowblower for storage? If this describes your situation, follow along our easy guide and you’ll be done in no time. Why […]

Can You Make Your Snowblower Throw Snow Farther?

Just how much do snowblowers weigh

Are you fed up by the huge amount of snow that accumulates next to your driveway or sidewalk after you clear it? Last winter, I was blowing snow from my driveway, but the blower was hardly getting the snow to clear the snowbanks, which are about 4 feet high. There was a lot of snow! […]

Are Snowblowers Safe To Use on Gravel Driveways?

I recently got an email from a reader essentially asking me one question: Are snowblowers safe to use on a gravel driveway? Kelly and his family recently moved from the city out to a more rural area.  They don’t live far off of a country road, but their driveway is made up of packed gravel […]

Ways to Take Care of Your Lawn While on Vacation

Sprinkler System

Going for a trip even for a weekend out of town might seem impossible for you in the gardening season as you might have fears of plant and wilt loss in the garden which might be due to absence of water. Hence you will need to look for ways of how to take care of […]

Things to Know about Lawn Mower and Weed Eater

Lawn Mower and Weed Eater

Lawn mower and weed eater are things which are very much required if you are serious about your garden. If you need your lawn to always be in the neat form then you should have this at home and use that so that things can work well. If you do not have the right kind […]

4 Cycle or 2 Cycle Weed Eater?

4 Cycle or 2 Cycle Weed Eater

Weed eaters sometimes referred to string trimmers, are mostly used to cut grass or weeds in your garden. They are easier to use than lawn mowers. There are two types of weed eaters. These are the 4 cycle and the 2 cycle weed eater. The naming scheme is derived from how the engines run. Comparison […]

Some Information On Stringing A Dual Sided Weed Eater Spool

Dual Sided Weed Eater Spool

All weed eaters available feature single and dual-sided spools with all the manufacturers having their very own specifications as to the amount of line that has to be put on the spool, the direction that I must be wound in, and what the diameter of the line that is being used must be. In a […]

Understanding The Electric Weed Eater

Understanding about Electric Weed Eater

A weed eater is also called a string trimmer, a trimmer and weed whackers. It uses a flexible-monofilament line and not a blade for cutting weeds and grass or even plants near objects. It has a long shaft with handles on one side and the cutting head on the other. Some have a shoulder strap […]

Electric Weed Eaters – Important Facts

Electric Weed Eater

Unwelcome plants growing in wrong places where they are not required are called weeds. This type of plants are usually unattractive and can be annoying since they naturally hinder development of good plants from their exhaustion of nutrients and other important factors needed for growth. Therefore, weeds need to be controlled. Some people have employed […]

Buying And Choosing A Weed Eater

Electric Weed Eater Corded and Cordless

Weed eaters, also referred as weed whackers or string trimmers are essentially used as hedge trimmers to keep yards or sidewalks neat and weed free. On one end, most trimmers have a shaft with a handle and a reel of string on the other. The plastic string that revolves at a very high speed is used […]