Electric Weed Eaters – Important Facts

Unwelcome plants growing in wrong places where they are not required are called weeds. This type of plants are usually unattractive and can be annoying since they naturally hinder development of good plants from their exhaustion of nutrients and other important factors needed for growth. Therefore, weeds need to be controlled. Some people have employed the following weed control measures:

  • Using a pitchfork: A pitchfork is considered a perfect tool for uprooting large amounts of long-rooted weeds.
  • Mulching: In places where fresh weeds are developing, mulching cuts out sunlight thus hindering weed growth.
  • Applying boiling water or vinegar: Boiling water or vinegar prevents the already sprouting weeds from maturing.
  • Handpicking: Considered one of the best ways of weed control though cumbersome. When handpicking, all roots should be pulled out to prevent re-seeding or re-germination.
  • Using a stirrup hoe: Astirrup hoe is used in cultivating the ground at least once a week so as to thwart growth of unwanted weeds.

Despite all the above ways, electric weed eaters still remain the best alternative when it comes to control of weeds and lawn trimming. Over time, they have emerged to be the most popular in weed control due to their durability, reliability and easy mode of operation. Trimmers are therefore for any landscaper who longs to have a well organised and neat looking yard.

Electric Weed Eater
Electric Weed Eaters Still Remain the Best Alternative

Electric weed eaters come in different sizes, colour and array of designs all to suit various needs, preferences not to mention lifestyle. They are lightweight and portable; mostly quiet machines that do not disturb neighbours when working. Consequently they are powerful and very efficient. The following are some of the important facts about electric weed eaters:

First Fact – Invented in the Year 1972

George C. Ballas Sir who hailed from Houston, Texas.As a lover of nature invented cordless electric weed eater in the year 1972 and trees, Ballas came up with an idea to protect trees through trimming. He later merged with Poulan and in the year 2006, Electrolux Company purchased The Poulan Weed Eater.

Second Fact – Car Wash Brush Design

Did you know that the first weed eater was based on the design of a car wash brush also called the weed whackers? This was to make it suitable for knocking down tall, overgrown objects like trees and trimming down long weeds.

Third Fact – Electric Weed Eaters also Undergo Lubrication

When talking of lubrication, what most people think of is old gasoline engines or gas powered trimmers. It is however important to note that, trimmers need lubrication. Other parts may be greased but the engine need special lubrication only from the recommended lubricating agents.

Electric Weed Eaters also Undergo Lubrication
Electric Weed Eaters also Undergo Lubrication

Electric weed eaters have a drive shaft exposed to intense friction from rapid head-line movement. As time goes by, this kind of friction interferes with the trimmer performance. Sometimes the engine might be in good condition and the line in good stead but you experience poor whacking from your weed whacker. If this is the case, then the flexible drive shaft needs lubrication. Weed eater agencies or stores therefore recommend on the use of the most appropriate shaft lubricant.

In case the head does not turn at all, check the drive shaft again to find out if its  broken or worn out. If broken, lubrication will not do it much good, just replace it.

Fourth Fact – Replaceable String

The electric weed Eater string is replaceable. In the event that the string is worn out, turn the head clockwise and remove its lower part by pushing it in slightly. Then cut the new string not less than six inches (for it to work properly). Place it properly through the guides and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions of string trimmer replacement. If you find string replacement difficult, ensure to have a string replacement cartridge to save you all the time and nuisance in re-stringing your weed eater.

Fifth fact – Exemplary Features

Unlike other types of weed eaters, electric Weed eaters have exemplary features. Most of the brands are easy to use and have a superb cutting ability. Landscapers also appreciate the technical support they receive from most manufactures.

With different features, Electric weed whackers have elements that reduce carbon footprint. They are of ergonomic designs, electric or battery powered, mostly quiet, simple start-up engines with extreme power for pristine finishes.

Before purchase always consult a product selector to help you make an informed decision. Important information can also be found online. Again think of various factors that will be important in fulfilling your needs. E.g. is your lawn small or large? Does it contain numerous plants? What about your budget and lifestyle? Does the trimmer have a comfortable handle with a firm grip? With all these in mind (among other factors), settle on the trimmer that will best suit your desired needs and expectations.

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