Buying And Choosing A Weed Eater

Weed eaters, also referred as weed whackers or string trimmers are essentially used as hedge trimmers to keep yards or sidewalks neat and weed free. On one end, most trimmers have a shaft with a handle and a reel of string on the other. The plastic string that revolves at a very high speed is used to cut weeds. In fact, they are the best option for people with back problems or those with trouble bending over.

String Trimmer
Keep Yards or Sidewalks Neat and Weed Free

Electric Weed Eaters come in various sizes and shapes. To buy and choose a suitable weed eater, be sure to:

Firstly – Consider Different Needs

Different lawns have different needs. The same applies to a home owner or landscaper who cares for the yard. Some weeds are tough and stubborn than others so knowing the type of weeds you need to get rid of in your lawn is important in making up your mind on the most suited type of trimmer. Comfort is also a very important factor; therefore ensure the handle provides a comfortable grip.

When purchasing a weed eater, it is also important to find yourself a weed eater visor. Since weeds are cut at a very high speed, a protect visor will protect your face from flying debris and stones that could be thrown into the air. Ensure to always be in gloves and long pants.

Secondly – Be Informed of Different Types of Electric Weed Eaters

There are two main types of Electric Weed Eaters; Corded and Cordless. Them being completely electric, they do not use gas or oil and have less power compared to the gas trimmers. They are considered perfect for small lawns with the only downside being running out of battery in case of cordless and that of motion and manoeuvrability for the corded.

Compared to gas Weed whackers which sometimes need the constant pulling of a string in order to start, electric weed Eaters are easy to start by just pressing a button. They are also environmental friendly as they emit no gases and are quiet thus will not be a nuisance to your neighbours while you are working.

Electric Weed Eater Corded and Cordless
There Are Two Main Types of Electric Weed Eaters; Corded and Cordless

Cordless weed eaters can be moved anywhere and can be very helpful in case of power outages. What you only need is an extra charged battery in case the one you are using runs out while working.

Thirdly – Be Knowledgeable on Features

We are living in a world of innovation and constant product changes that suit the market. Manufactures therefore constantly come up with new features for weed eaters. Some of them come with shoulder traps for you to bear the full weight, others come with double blades for job efficiency some have additional speed controls to allow you match your preferred speed when working. If you get tired quickly, consider Weed Eaters with anti-vibration handles as they reduce fatigue when held. Ergonomic handles contours provide a perfect grip. It is therefore important to read about different product features so as to purchase a weed eater model that best combines all your favourites.

Fourthly – Know Trimmer Price Range

Weed Whacker prices vary depending on the power and type of weed trimmer. Most weed eater stores make more sales in early spring when weeds are starting to sprout and therefore during this time, prices are likely to go up. Some sellers are of selfish interest and only care about self-gain and are likely to take advantage of you if they realise you are not in the know. Therefore, ensure to know of various store prices that are in line with your budget. A typical trimmer price range is around $40 to $100.

Fifth – Know Where to Purchase Your Weed Eater

Any good garden store or home should have a weed eater. Most departmental chain stores will have them in stock when the gardening season approaches. I.e. Early spring to late fall. Weed eaters can also be rent from garden supply stores to those not in a position to buy one. Good bargains can be made when the season begins but again don’t neglect end of season sales.

Great weed eater deals can also be made online. Where one can possibly find a perfect model without making decision based on what is available in the confines of a store. Garage sales also contain great gardening tools on a very low budget. Therefore, explore available options and you will be assured of a great deal.

Lastly – Beware of Gimmicks and Counterfeits

Counterfeit weed eaters offer quality finish work and trade for less compared to original models but do not last for long. As a consumer, it’s therefore advisable to get value for your money by ensuring purchase of original weed whackers from Certified Dealers to avoid future inconveniencies.

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