6 Steps To Store An Electric Weed Eater Properly

Storing an electric weed eater is a lot different than storing any other kind of weed eater. A battery powered weed eater is very similar to that of an electric one, especially since there is a cordless electric weed eater that runs off of a battery. A gas powered one is a lot more complicated because there is more involved with every step of the way including the preparing it for use, using it, cleaning it and storing it. This is all because of the fact that it is powered by gas. You have some gas with oil to use it, refill it to finish the job and put in an additive in the gas mixture if you are storing it for a certain length of time. It also has to be stored a certain way such as like being placed on a shelf or left flat on the floor.

How to Properly Store an Electric Weed Eater

For battery powered weed whackers it is best to keep the battery out of the unit when storing it, same goes with the cordless electric weed eater. Below is all you need to know about properly storing an electric weed eater as well as all kinds of other information.

Store An Electric Weed Eater Properly
Store An Electric Weed Eater Properly

Tips and Steps to Properly Storing an Electric Weed Eater

Tip/Step One

Before storing your electric weed eater you need to remove all of the debris from the head of the trimmer and near the nylon string. All the weeds, grass, rocks and or anything else should be removed so it is clean and lasts longer and is ready for use the next time around.

Tip/Step Two

A part of cleaning your electric weed eater is to maintain it, this means after so many hours of use you need to check the spark plugs and changes them, you need to check and clean the air filter, and you need to clean the handle and shaft and everything else. Keeping up on the maintenance of your electric weed eater is what keeps it to last long; it is what helps keep it in perfect condition for each and every use and much more.

Tip/Step Three

The electric weed eater is preferred by most homeowners for several different reasons, mainly because they start up right away once you plug them in and turn them on. They also like them because they are a lot lighter in weight which makes it easier to hold and or use, it also means that you won’t be sore after using it for so many hours each use like you would be if you were using a gas powered weed whacker.

Tip/Step Four

Mostly all models of electric weed eaters have an option in which you can press another button and the head will rotate; when rotated the weed eater becomes perfect for create edges and doing all edging.

Tip/Step Five

Because there are so many different models of electric weed eaters you need to check the strength and size of the nylon string that is used. Some are not as thick and strong which means they will be used up a lot faster and can break a lot easier; either way this means that you will need to be replacing the nylon string in these kinds of electric weed eaters more often than the models that have thicker and stronger string used.

Tip/Step Six

Look at the length of the cord given to the electric weed eater; if the cord is short you can only do a small area at a time unless you use an extension cord. One that has a longer cord means you can do more of an area without using an extension cord or having to change the outlet. With that being said for the average yard it is best recommended to have an electric weed eater that has a cord of at least one hundred feet or longer. This may be a bit hard to carry around but it allows you to safely do everything you need to do without having to worry.

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