How To Tell When You Need A New Electric Weed Eater

You may be in need of a new electric weed eater for several reasons. This is because there are a ton of reasons as to why you may need a new one. Perhaps you need one because you don’t even have one in the first place. Maybe you need one because yours broke and you really can’t fix it, like the handle broke, the buttons got jammed or broke off, the wires got destroyed, the cord itself got cut, the plug broke and so many other things that could have gone wrong may or may not have went wrong.

There are several things that you can do in order to prevent yourself from needing to get a new electrical weed eater, such as keeping it clean all of the time and maintaining it as needed and recommended in the owner’s manual. Proper maintenance of an electric weed eater includes to check and clean the air filter and to check and clean several other things on it. Some sections need brake cleaner used in the process of cleaning it and some areas need warm water and soap.

How To Tell When You Need A New Electric Weed Eater
How To Tell When You Need A New Electric Weed Eater

Having an electric weed eater that is malfunctioning is not any fun at all, it can be dangerous and it means that you can’t get the yard work done that you need to get done. This situation gets even worse when you are almost done with all of your yard work and then it decides to give out to the point of no return. To prevent this in the best way possible to properly maintain it; fixing it is easy and pretty much everything you need to know is in the owner’s manual anyways.

What all can an Electric Weed Eater actually do

Action 1

Standard cutting of grass and weeds within the yard.

Action 2

Destroy vines that have thorns on them by using the string trimmer to chop it up into smaller pieces.

Action 3

Trim up small bushes and small shrubs; with an electric weed eater that works well and reliable it should be easy.

Action 4

Turn the head of the electric weed eater to an angle of ninety degrees; doing this will allow you to trim and or edge near driveways and or other baths where cement is, rocks and other materials and or objects are such as the corners of a house or near a fence and or post.

Action 5

Turn all of your leaves into mulch. To do this the right way put all of your leaves into a pile and place the electric weed eater flat on top of the leaves, turn it on and hold it there for only a few seconds. Turn it off and remove. Look at all of the mulch you just made!

Other Information on Electric Weed Eaters and Needing One

Needing a new one is not that bad of a thing; you can fix it if the issue is fixable but know that it may be cheaper and or wiser to just get a new one. With that being said you can easily find a new electric weed eater for the lowest price of around fifty dollars and slowly moving upwards to about one hundred dollars for a truly decent one. This is an affordable price range for electric weed eaters and all that they have to offer. Battery powered weed whackers tend to run the same prices as electric ones. Gas powered string trimmers are the ones that are the most expensive, starting out at one hundred dollars and going up to two hundred dollars or more.

The prices and information mentioned above reflect both corded and cordless electric weed eaters that are all available on the market right now. There are a ton of different models to choose from, all of which have the same basic features and aspects. Compare and contrast them to better help you find the exact model you want. Setting a budget before buying one also helps to narrow down the selection just like figuring out what all you will use it for and how often you will use it for. Figuring out all of these factors helps you to find the version that you need for your lawn and your needs.

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