How To Dress Properly When Weed Whacking With An Electric Weed Eater

When it comes to working on your yard you need to first always begin with mowing your lawn; the lawn mower does a lot of the harder work at once and leave littles left behind that needs to be finished. After mowing one’s; yard it is very common for them to then weed eat the yard. Weed eating is done because an electric weed eater can reach places that the lawn mower can’t get to; making the yard even, level and uniform throughout the whole yard.

Dress Properly When Weed Whacking
Dress Properly When Weed Whacking

Electric weed eaters are very powerful; some models can be heavier than others but what you need to keep in mind is how powerful and dangerous it can be. With that being said an electric string trimmer can cut through skin just as easily as it can cut through the grass and the weeds but it can also send vegetation that is woody and or rocks flying when hit the right way. All of the proper safety precautions should be followed when you are using an electric weed whacker such as the proper clothing, the proper safety gear and more. All of this information and more about electric weed eaters is all mentioned below.

Having Proper Control of your Electric Weed Eater

  • Every single time that you go to start your electric weed eater you need to make sure that you are in complete control of it.
  • To do this it is best to always stand on ground that is level and firm; the last thing you want is to accidentally fall and hurt yourself.
  • Two hands are what you need to use to hold the weed whacker so you have complete control.

Having Proper Protective Clothing when using an Electric Weed Eater

  • Long pants as a must so you don’t cut yourself or injure yourself as bad as you would if not wearing pants. When weed eating you are close to the ground so covering your legs is wise.
  • So is wearing proper shoes such as a good pair of work boots or an old but sturdy pair of work tennis shoes.
  • No clothing that is loose should be worn at all when using an electric weed eater; they can get caught or cause trouble.
  • Old work clothes should be worn when working, you do not want to get grass stains on clothes that you want to keep.

Protection for the Ears:

  • Electric weed eaters are known for being noisy sometimes, whether yours is or not it is still best recommended to wear a pair of safety ear plugs. Wearing these help to prevent any damage that may occur to your ears.
  • The tighter the ear plugs are in your ear than the safer you are from not getting any damage done to them.
  • Because you will have your ears plugged, you need to use your eyes to view your surroundings and be aware of where to go, where you have been and any dangers that there may be.

Information on All Flying Debris

  • You should wear a pair of safety glasses when weed eating, this is because of all the potential flying debris that there may be. Pieces can fly up and injure your arms, legs, eyes, anything; this is why proper protective gear is said to be worn when using an electric weed eater.
  • Before starting weed whacking it is best to remove any sticks and or stones that are going to be in the way and when hit can be sent flying somewhere.
  • Wearing anti-vibration gloves for protection of your hands is a wise choice, they will help protect your arms and keep them from being really sore when your job is done.
  • Do no use the electric weed eater when someone is within thirty to sixty feet from you and or the vegetation that you are going after because it can harm them with them being in the fly zone of debris.
  • You should also not ever use the electric weed eater faster than what is recommended for you to use it.

Proper Protection of the Skin with an Electric Weed Eater

  • Weed Eating in the sun means you need to wear sunblock on the parts of your body that is not covered by clothing; especially your arms, neck and face.
  • If you are in an area where there are a lot of insects than it is wise to use some insect repellent as well, keep in mind that insects that bite are well-known for being able to spread diseases.
  • It is always better to be safer now than to be sorry later; bug repellent and sunblock together is the best and at least 50 SPF or more especially if your weed eating job will take a couple hours or more.

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  1. My weed whacker throws burrs and small pieces of thorny debris as I use it. Some of this stuff penetrates into my shirt. This can hurt, or at the very least be quite annoying/itchy. Can someone please suggest a reasonably priced shirt that will protect me from this flying chaff, briars, burrs, etc?

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