When Do Snowblowers Go On Sale?

Snowblowers On Sale

For most people, a snowblower is a significant purchase.  With prices ranging from a couple hundred bucks all the way to thousands of dollars, it pays to not only shop around but to be smart on when you buy.

Did you know, there are a few times a year when snowblowers reliably go on sale?  Read on to find out more.

Note: The best time to buy a snowblower is always BEFORE IT STARTS TO SNOW HEAVILY.  Don’t leave yourself unprepared with no solution and scramble to buy when the weatherman is predicting 20 inches over the weekend.  By that point, it’ll be too late.  Plan ahead of the snow season, ok?

When is the best time to buy a snowblower?

They say “history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.”  It’s much the same when you are dealing with weather.  The price you will pay for a snowblower will be directly influenced by how close it is to the end of winter.  Therefore, it will be harder to find deals during late March of a brutal winter than a mild one.  That’s why our timelines are so wide – each year will have some variation from one to the next.

However, there are patterns that repeat. Here’s the best times to buy a snowblower:

  • The end of Winter to early Spring
  • May to June as new models roll out
  • During a particularly long snowless patch of Winter

The best time of year to buy a snow blower: During The Late Winter – Early Spring

As Spring begins to warm up the temperatures outside, winter is known to be winding up and little or no snow is experienced in various regions on the globe.  Most stores will run sales for a week or two at most to try to sell any remaining thrower inventory to avoid the expense and hassle of returning them to the warehouse.

If you are looking to buy during this time, you’ll need to have a good idea of the feature and style of machine you’d like. The stock is low in most stores during this period and you will not get a variety of models to analyze for comparison shopping.  This doesn’t have to be a problem, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Another Time Snow Blowers Go On Sale: During The Summer Model Year Introduction Season

According to Consumer Reports, the best time to buy a snow blower is during the early summer.  I agree it’s a great time for comparison shopping but not the ultimate best for prices.  This period falls mostly between May and June and is ideal since most manufacturers are looking to introduce newer and improved models in the market for the upcoming snow season.  While most people are doing everything they can to avoid thinking about snow during this period, it’s a good time to check out what new features are available.

Another advantage associated with buying in summer is better prices on remaining last-model year products.  These snow throwers are brand new but last year’s model.  As such, they tend to get marked down in price to free up room for the upcoming model year products.  It’s sometimes hard to find snowblowers at local stores during this period, but online can be easier.

Roll The Dice: Midway Through A Warm Winter

You can’t rely on the winter turning out to be mild and snow-free most years if you live in a four-season area.  But if you have the ability, waiting for pounce during three or four weeks of a mild January or February can lead to great deals.

As you can imagine, retailers are starting to sleep a little less secure, and sweat a little more each day that goes by during winter without a big snow storm.  This anxiety goes up even more if there is no snow on the ground at all.   They know there is a time window where people can use snowblowers, and selling gets harder as the days tick by without people worrying about snow.

You can help your local merchant sleep easier by responding when he or she caves and lower prices.  You should see a significant markdown – though it may not be advertised.  Just keep your eye on the blower you have in mind.

Your risk of course is the merchant has icewater in her veins and doesn’t reduce pricing before the next “snow-pocolypse” rolls into town. You are now stuck shoveling your way through 14 inches of heavy snow. This, and I use a technical term here, “sucks”.

However, if you are just looking to trade up from an older thrower, this strategy might be for you.  That way you’ll still be covered if winter strikes late and repeatedly, yet have a chance to score a great deal on a new machine as well.

Good luck in your shopping escapades.  Remember, sometimes it’s best just to pay “normal” prices to avoid being stuck shoveling out from a historic snow storm by hand.  But if you plan ahead, you should be able to get a deal on the best snowblower following this guide.

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