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Ultimate Workbench

I'm building myself an "Ulitmate Workbench" that will house all of my tools and make things a lot easier around the shop!

Google Sketchup RenderMy goal for the Ultimate Workbench was to have

  • Table Saw and Outfeed
  • Chop Saw Well
  • Router Table
  • Storage

I designed two senarios in Sketchup - one with all MDF and one with 2X4 frame - I went with the 2X4 frame because I thought it would be cheaper, easier to build, and sturdier (in my opinion).

For the well I want to leave that as flexable as possible for any future tools I might buy, maybe a sanding downdraft area, etc - so I'm going to build that with adjustable shelves I think

I'm sure - as all my projects go - that this will be evolving and I'll post changes to the design to the Sketchup model and here

Lastly - you can find the sketchup plans in my downloads section - where I'll be posting up more and more stuff hopefully

Get some tools for your workbench too!

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